Multivitamins on an Empty Stomach

I wanted to fast today but made a critical mistake.

I ate a vitamin.

These vitamins on an empty stomach tear me up. I keep on forgetting this.

Every single time I take this vitamin, 15 minutes later, my stomach churns until I get food in it.

I guess that means no multi vitamins on an empty stomach. You’d think I’d figured that out the first time. This was the 5th time I’ve done it.

So I’m writing this note to myself so I may better remember. Because I keep forgetting.

Kind of like how I forget what I eat when I don’t take a picture of it or immediately log it.

Kind of like how I forget what exercises I do when I don’t record it or log it.

I’m writing it down all these things because it’s important to me.

What do you write down?
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