It's Not Binary

I tried Vegetarian, Vegan, and Paleo before Keto. All with decent results. I didn't lose all 113 lbs on Keto so my way may not be optimal for you but please try and tell me if it works for you too.

For the most part, I worked on the baby steps. Consider this.

A pathway up a mountain is intimidating but one step is easy. Enough steps however will get you up the mountain.

Once I stopped fixating on losing 50 pounds. My original goal was 250.

 And I started working on the things I could do today which would help, I flew past my goal and had to make a new one.

Biggest thing.

Diet isn't binary. Everything is a shade of health. If you are so religious about perfect macros, it's going to be a hard journey. We must focus on what is sustainable for us.

The great news is as we progress, we progress. We can find new sustainable things! What I'm doing now would never have worked when I was 300 or 250 lbs. We don't have to get it right, we just have to get it better, then keep revisiting it as we progress.

It's kind of like autopilot in an airplane. You want to check out the window from time to time, make sure your autopilot is doing what it's supposed to.

Imagine cutting the wheel in a car going fast, you're going to spin out or flip and crash. You either have to turn slowly or slow down.

Practical examples.

if you're just beginning, cut your carbs in half. Bread is such a sugar spiker but half bread for a month is still better than no bread for a week and giving up. Not sustainable for everyone.

Cakes and deserts. Give yourself half serving. Or choose a healthier dessert. Yes fruit spikes insulin but not as much as rose water.

Every time you tell yourself I cannot do that. Also ask. But what can I do? Do that... until you can do the first thing.

Less bread, less sugar, less processed carbs.

But also

Less stress, less shame, less judging

Cause that stuff will kill you just as quick as carbs.
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