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Preparing For April

I may have bit off more than I can chew. I made some ambitious goals for April.

Can a Talisman Help You Lose Weight?

A while back the topic of talismans and weight loss came up. One friend suggested investing in objects to serve as a reminder of your goals. My knee jerk reaction was: Sure, if those objects are a pair of weights.

Uncertified Wisdom

I made a friend today on the internet. What he's doing I think is beautiful.

Stair Exercise of the Week: Exploding Steps

Photo Credit: may have seen in the past that I love doing alternating step ups and calf raises climbing stairs for leg day. It had work wonders for my lower body.

4 Things I Learned At Rodeo Run 2016

I wanted to reflect on my 5k.

It Sounds Dumb

I looked at the empty journal and shook my head. How is this supposed to help? I can't create my own reality. Not like this! I mean I can build worlds, civilizations, races, religions, and even deities. But this is different. This is real life. I shrugged and picked up my pen. Whatever, might as well try it.

Diary of a Food Addict Response

Spencer, I love you man! I want to respond to your blog but it's going to be longer than a simple comment. I also believe this could help out a wide range of people so I'm turning it into a blog post.