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The Most Helpful Thing

Recently Tom Ziglar asked me these amazing questions: What has been the most helpful thing on your journey to keep you moving forward? What do you do daily, even when you may not feel like it? Wow! Right? They aren't easy to answer, that's for sure. But I did and I feel others could gain value from my answer so I'm posting it here. My ResponseThat is a really good question Tom! Also it's a pleasure to get an email from you! Blown away!
I sat on this question and let my mind take me on the journey. After a while the answer became so crystal clear you could make a telescope out of it. Then I realized it's one of those secrets everyone knows but no one does. It was logging my thoughts and actions. Note taking. Personal accountability.
Once I realized it, my memory jumped to your dad's lesson on how note takers were so much more likely to close than those who didn't. It made sense!
I mean it's really hard to improve on something you don't track. Bef…

Take Inventory

"You run the day or the day runs you." Take inventory of your day Find out what exactly are you doing with your time. Are you being efficient with your day? Are you running your day? Or is the day running you. Are you so busy playing catch-up, you feel like a professional juggler? Your DayTake inventory Find out what you do, when you do it, and why. Once you discover your routine, start to tweak it. What's really important and what's wasting your time? Are you utterly inefficient with your time? I was. Found TimeNow I'm amazed at what I can do. I found time to cook healthy, real food with 3 kids. I found time to exercise I found time to devote to those I love. I found time to learn new skills. Don't WaitFind ways to optimize your available hours But waiting for your available hours to optimize themselves is waiting to lose. Don't wait to lose. Take inventory and start winning. Related PostsThe Most Important Thing1 Gamschanging Symbolic Geasture

500 Mile Guac

Picture this. Texas man in the middle of a meat fast on taco Tuesday. Not a pretty picture, eh? But I wasn't going to allow that ground round crackling on the stove to tempt me so I invented Baked Cauliflower Picante. At first taste, I melted but after recomposure, I knew what had to be done. I knew what would elevate this already amazing dish to Olympic proportions. Guacamole!Combining these 2 awesome dishes into one meal was amazing, you just got to try it. But first, you need to know how to make it. Ingrediants2 Avocados Rotel Chili Diced Purple Onions (or Onion Powder) Minced Garlic Lime Juice Pink Rock Salt Cracked Black Pepper DirectionsPeel and mash avacados into a serving bowl. Stir in Rotel, Onions, Garlic, Lime Juice, Salt, and Pepper. Season to taste. Chill for 15 minutes. ThoughtsThat's it! It's that simple.... But the taste is divine! It's a great dish by itself but married with the Baked Cauliflower Picante, this pair would make famous chefs weep with …

I Used To Care...

We all struggle and to share just my 'highlight reel' or personal progression is disingenuous. So I'm going to do the painful thing and talk more about what hurt. Both before and during my journey. It wasn't easy. I'm not an overnight success of health. I struggled! But this is also a message of hope. Keep the faith and the storms will subside. You WILL come out the other side transformed like caterpillar to butterfly! I Used To Care...I used to care about many things but I realized they were all the wrong things to care about. There was nothing I could do to influence it anyway. At least... Not in a meaningful manner. So I stopped caring. I stopped caring about the distresses the media fed me. I became carefree. Or so I thought. I really became careless. Instead of living a relaxed life without anxiety, I lived a sloppy life full of fear. It it not a good life to live. You see not caring was even worse then caring for the wrong things. So I took a chance…

Mouth Watering Baked Cauliflower Picante

It was taco Tuesday and I was on a meat fast. What do I do? What's more, I have ground round in the pan frying up for the kids. They weren't interested in meat fasting. What do I do?! I peeked inside the refrigerator and look around for some healthy options. That's when I found it. An amazing head of white cauliflower. Now I remember seeing something online about buffalo style cauliflower bites and wondered, would it work for tact Tuesday? Could I make cauliflower tacos? Is that even legal on taco Tuesday? What do I do?!!! I went for it! Ingredients1 Head of Cauliflower Pink Rock Salt Cracked Black Pepper Olive Oil Taco Sauce or Hot Sauce (I like Valentina Salsa Picante) DirectionsCut cauliflower florets from the central stem and then chop into small, bite sized pieces into a large mixing bowl. Mix in olive oil, salt, pepper, and sauce. Line evenly on a rimmed baking sheet. Roast, tossing occasionally for 30 minutes. It was fabulous! But as I devoured my first baked cau…

Who is this for?

Art for everyone at best will be mediocre. Instead of chasing the loudest noises, consider focusing on what's harmonious with you. Instead of diving into a sea of cacophony, build a harbor that attracts the ships you're looking for. Let the others deal with the people who don't harmonize with you. With your vision.

Is Losing Weight Easy?

Once you've figured it all out, losing weight is easy! But like a Rubik's cube, if you don't know the secret, good luck solving the problem. Most people don't know how to solve a Rubik's cube and likewise many obese people struggle solving their own weight loss puzzle. To them, losing weight is Not easy. It's hard. Good NewsThe good news is like the Rubik's cube, weight loss is simple. Sure, there's a cacophonous sea of diets vying for your attention but the foundations of weight loss are the rocks those waves turn to. That rock is simple. Eat more nutritious food While Consuming less calories And Be more active You used to need a nutritionist to know nutrition and calories. Now there are a ton of free apps. Losing Weight Is Simple!But it's not easy. Not in the beginning. But it gets easy. Need help?Send me a comment. I'd love to connect with you.