Rocket Science

You don't need to know Rocket Science to lose weight. Of course, it helps to become knowledgeable in nutrition if you want to go far.

But if you're just looking to lose 20 pounds, it's pretty easy.

  • Eat Less
  • Do More

ZenHabit's summed it up even better in this article.

A diet is healthy when it:

  • gives your body nutrients it needs,
  • without giving you too many calories (too many calories leads to obesity over time),
  • or unhealthy things (like too much saturated or trans fat, nitrates, excess sodium, unhealthy chemicals).

It's that easy... in the beginning. Of course the next natural questions are

  • How many calories should I consume daily?
  • What nutrients do my body need?

Great news! There are apps for that.

  • I use MyFitnessPal.
  • Another great one is LoseIt.

They are both free and help you track calories and nutrients. Of course, they only work if you use them.

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