Friday, September 30, 2016

Opposing Strategies

Last night, I went to bed with a plan to wake up and seize the day. This morning, I woke up with another. It was to hit snooze as many times as I could. Guess which one won?


Why did the new plan win? Last night, I was confident I'd be up by 5:30. I'd drink 2 glasses of water, stretch and meditate, and read for 30 minutes.

Fast forward to morning...

What a horrible idea!

Who would ever decide such a dumb idea when you can snooze 30 minutes more?!

Sound familiar?

It's a daily routine. Now, some days my nightly strategy prevails but lately, the morning strategy takes the day.

I know the better choice yet I pick the more convenient.

I need to start stacking the conditions in my favor again.

More specifically, I need to move my alarm away from my bed so I have to get out of bed to turn it off. Then, while standing and out of bed, I have to decide whether to return to bed or to continue to stay awake. I have found when I'm already up, I tend to stay up and I tend to be more productive with the day.

I Highly recommended for anyone who struggles to get up early. Move it close enough for it to wake up up but far enough for it to inconvience you to turn it off. My place is in the bathroom. You'll want to test it on a day you don't have to get up early (because if it's too far away, it might not wake you up).

Try it and tell me how it works for you.


These strategies also work in food nutrition. Here's a video I made about stacking dietary conditions in your favor.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Checked It At The Door

Again, on the first day after my ground shaking, earth breaking decision to change... again, I sleep in. Growling with grumbles, today is not a day I want to deal with. Before 8 AM and I'm already done. I'm exhausted! Irritable! Am I the only one who feels this way?

I even went to bed at a decent time! Sure it was later than I wanted but earlier than normal. But even with more sleep I wake back more tired than before. I just want to give up. My legs are sore from Monday. My back, stiff from Tuesday. My mind is fluttering like an annoying gnat in a field of uncut grass in the summer. I'm quick to distract. I feel I've only had an hour of sleep. Tell me if you've had a day like this.

This litany of lamentations! Confronted with the negativity of this world surrounding me in Scirocco Sandstorms..

But winds also bring change.

Even in a maddening dust storm of doubt, I discover things I miss staring into the storm. Like I got up this morning. Even on the wrong side of the bed, grouchy with attitude up to my ears to a disaster of a house. I got up. Wouldn't the real disaster be if I had no place to house my family? And yes, John was being whiny, Emily was moaning, and Colin was groaning but Anne Marie came down and helped me get the family sorted when I felt like I was about to lose it. Did I even thank her for that?

And you know the perpetual traffic jam packed where I caught every red light? I made it to work and I even somehow was early. I don't know how but it worked out.

Man, why am I so down on myself? Now that I wrote this, I'm feel a lot more grateful for this day and looking forward even more to tomorrow. I guess there's something about counting your blessings and naming them one by one after all, right?

Talk about checking entitlement at the door.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Where it all Went Wrong

I sit slouched, wondering where it all went wrong. Wondering why there's no will to work out. Wondering why I have no passion to pen a purposeful message.

Did I fall asleep at the wheel while speeding down the freeway of fantasy and miss my turn? Here I was, making great time, but I look up and the signs are foreign to my goals! In fact, it looks like I'm heading back to whence I came! What's going on? How did I complete an entire 180 degrees back into the way I was?

Then I ask myself where resilience went. Where is my ability to bounce back into the face of opposition? Where did the will to war against dragons go? Did I drop it at the 7-11 of discipline while smuggling a tasty kake. Did I dispose it for a bowl of Blue Bell Camo 'n Cream? All I see is the dreaded dragon of my old bad habits breathing down on me. What happened?

Am I weak willed? I struggled with temptation today and fallen more oft than resisted. My breakfast started with a chocolate chip cookie! What's more, I played a video game for lunch instead of being active. Somehow I made it to the last week of a step challenge but here I am, sitting and playing a game. With a prize is so close I can taste it, I sit on my butt feeling sorry for my inability to act.

The fact is I'm burnt out. Looks like one can burn out of the good stuff too. 85 pounds gone in a year and my jets just stopped firing. My engine stalled. My propeller seized still. I look around and see the inevitable free fall back to my origin.

How did it happen? Did I miss orbit by just a meter? Am I doomed to fail at the apoapsis of my perceived progression toward a healthier lifestyle?

Or did I forget I can create my own energy. Is this failure actually positioning me for a new place which enables me to achieve my future if only I seize it. That my pain I experienced over years can ignite my purpose and power me past?

That maybe I'm not weak willed, but need to redress the fundamentals which got me here in the first place. Then I could continue building on the foundation that got me here.

That maybe what looks like weakness is just instability. I Just have to correct it with determined discipline. Once I build back these basics, I will be even stronger than ever.

That maybe I should just get my head out of my past and start staring back at where I'm heading. Instead of staring at the cracks behind me , how about I start forecasting the crack ahead of me. It's less startling to have a car pull out in front of your when you expect it to happen. Maybe I need a course in defensive goal reaching. How about I turn my head away from the past and the distraction and start focusing on the road ahead, again.

Maybe I needed to taste the madness of life again. Maybe I can make my mess into a message which will help someone break though their barrier! Get your head out of your past, you're no longer there and start stretching you head eagerly to the future. Cause you too have somewhere to go!

Friday, September 09, 2016

Stopping on the Sixth

I catch myself slipping into a lax state. I am conflicted about this.

For one, I deserve a break now and them. Even God broke up creation into 6 days. He even called the day good and stopped. He even rested the 7th day.

I don't think God took that time because he needed the break. Instead I think he gave us a model on how to do things. To chunks tasks and rest between. To take a break every so often.

But how much rest is too much rest? What's the balance to work to rest ratio.

I think it's in the same place. 1 day of work and 6 days of rest doesn't bear fruit, it grows weeds. But 24 consecutive days of work doesn't really bear you more fruit faster.

I know I've dedicated a ton of time on certain subject and became upset when the fruit of my labor doesn't produce in my preferred time line. There's been many times I've walked away from the field which will inevitably bear fruit seemingly minutes before first bloom.

Had I the patience and perseverance to endure one more day, I would have been able to rest and enjoy the fruit of my labor. But instead I walked away on my 6th day. Stopped on my 6th lap around around the wall of my personal Jericho. I gave up right before I had it, then allowed the weeds to once again overtake my field.

How many times have you?

Friday, September 02, 2016

10 Things Worth Sharing

Since starting a journal, my life has changed, drastically, for the better. Accounting my thoughts, recording good quotes, recalling wisdom and insight. Now when I have a bad morning, I feed myself positivity stored in this book. Imagine the same action on good days! You propel you mood into an orbit of positivity. Great things happen.

What's more, I can feed others the wisdom I've written. Many of my blog posts are derived from words in my journal. Many words in my journal are derived from inspired blog posts. Those new words help me write even better articles to positively influence more people. It's a blessing!

I want you to consider making your own journal. Recording your own thoughts to come back to, to return you to the positive when you are down, to propel you to an orbit of positivity when you are up.

Do this for 6 weeks. Record at least one thing daily. One quote, one proverb, one piece of advice to yourself, one reminder you are good enough, one reminder you are worth the effort you put in and you are worth even more effort so push, push, push because you will make it!

I challenge you to do this. Just Six weeks! It will change your life. Money back guarantee! I also want to offer you a few of mine to get you started.

  1. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
  2. Care enough to fail. - Seth Godin
  3. A cloudy nigh doesn't mean the moon isn't there.
  4. You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction - Jim Rohn
  5. Make time for health and health will make time for you.
  6. Don't settle for an identity of sadness.
  7. You are not the thing you struggle with.
  8. Desire without a decision is a dream.
  9. You don't produce good fruit is bad seed.
  10. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. - Nelson Mandela