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Keto FAQ

Decided to make a post addressing frequently asked keto related questions. I'm not a doctor and am not giving out medical advice. I'm sharing with you what works for me and several other people I coach. As always, your mileage may vary.
How many calories should I eat on Keto? This is the wrong question and it will pull you into the trap of caloric restriction. This is not a diet of caloric restriction.
Instead, focus on staying around 20 g carbohydrates or lower a day, 1 g per 1 kg of your ideal bodyweight. Past that, consume fat to satiety.
For me this looks like this. 15 - 25 g carbs, 68 - 83 g protein, and the rest in fat.
Note: 68 g is my lean body weight in kg and 83 g is my current body weight in kg. As I lose more weight, my range will likely go down. There are also days I'm over 100 g. Do your best with what's given to you daily and press play again the next.
There are days I'm under on protein. There are days I'm over on carbs. It's okay. We do our best…

Morning Proof Coffee - Pre Keto

Several people asked me how I prepare my morning coffees.

It's difficult to answer. Depending on where I was in my diet, they were different. The way I drink my morning coffee now, I don't think I would of enjoyed in the beginning.

So instead of sharing one, I'm sharing all 3 versions.

Morning Proof Coffee - Pre Keto Ingredients 1 c cold brewed coffee1/2 c Unsweetened Almond Milk1 tbsp Stevia Blend Directions Combine everything into a glass and mix until blended.  NotesNone
Morning Proof Coffee - Keto Light Ingredients 1 c cold brewed coffee1/2 c Milk (2% or Vit D)1/2 tbsp Stevia Blend Directions Combine everything into a glass and mix until blended.  Notes The reason I reduce my Stevia Blend is because milk contains lactose, a sugar.  Morning Proof Coffee - Full Keto Ingredients 1 c cold brewed coffee2 tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream1/4 tbsp Stevia Blend1/4 tbsp Pink Himalayan Salt Directions Combine everything into a glass and mix until blended.  Notes Yes. I now add salt to my Coffee…

The Carbohydrates Strike Back

This weekend we celebrated my Grandmother’s 90th birthday
Brisket, Cake, and everything else sugary and starchy scattered the kitchen turned buffet line.
I stayed clear of the bread, the beans, and potato salad, easy.
I even added butter on my brisket. No bbq sauce!
Buttered brisket is amazing, by the way.
Added a good dose of bacon boiled green beans to the side. Put butter on them too. Delicious!

I tell you, I had some wild eyes and questions pointed at me. Several people even told me how unhealthy it was.
I just glanced down to my 115 lbs of missing weight and shrugged, saying. “Seems to be working for me.”
Then I slathered more butter on brisket and yummed it down in front of a few confused cousins. .
Later a few asked “So… How much weight you’ve lost again?”
A few of them started to question what they thought they knew about health.
I also had a few others educate me on how it’ll make me fat.
Ah, family. Gotta love them

Anyway, I ended up having the cake.
Pineapple, coconut,…

It's Not Binary

I tried Vegetarian, Vegan, and Paleo before Keto. All with decent results. I didn't lose all 113 lbs on Keto so my way may not be optimal for you but please try and tell me if it works for you too.
For the most part, I worked on the baby steps. Consider this.
A pathway up a mountain is intimidating but one step is easy. Enough steps however will get you up the mountain.
Once I stopped fixating on losing 50 pounds. My original goal was 250.
 And I started working on the things I could do today which would help, I flew past my goal and had to make a new one.
Biggest thing.
Diet isn't binary. Everything is a shade of health. If you are so religious about perfect macros, it's going to be a hard journey. We must focus on what is sustainable for us.
The great news is as we progress, we progress. We can find new sustainable things! What I'm doing now would never have worked when I was 300 or 250 lbs. We don't have to get it right, we just have to get it better, then keep revis…

Crazy Comparison

Last month I was doing an amazing job on keto.
I lowered my weekly average of carbohydrates from the first month. I raised fat up to where my protein level was and eventually surpassed it
It was a great time and I could tell it was working for me.
Little did I know what was going to happen in month 3.
Month 3
For month 3, I decided to trust fat more.
I did that by keeping carbohydrates around 20.Limiting protein to around 70g.And relying on fat to get me through the rest.
I soon realized I was going to need to supplement fat so I decided to do this with Bullet Proofing Coffee and Tea
In the beginning, it was a rocky start. I wasn't so sure I could pull this off. My first Bullet Proofing ended up a failure. I wrote about it here.
But I didn't give up
As a result, I now have two recipes Morning Proof CoffeeOffice Proof Coffee
I also have some interesting pictures to share. 
This is month 2

Notice the calorie restriction?
This is month 3

Note the uptick in calories? 
I'm consuming …

First 2 Months

Keto is more about hormonal regulation than caloric restriction.
Calories In Calories Out is great but it's elementary way of explaining it.
There's a lot more going on in your body. Ignoring all the other factors could be detrimental.
Optimally on paper, you should be working toward 20g carbs total, 90g protein total, and fat to satiety.
Will that work for you? Only you can decide. For the first month, I couldn't do under 50g total carbs for an extended time. I also tried to caloric restrict. I was hungry. I had cravings because I wasn't satiated. I ate carbs for quick energy.
It happens. No shame, just learn from it and try again.
Month 2 I started trusting the science. It was sound science, but I had a ton of dogmatic believes I also thought true. It took me a month to start breaking through them.
Needing carbs, calorie restricting, not eating at certain times. These and more were hard grained in me. They weren't easy to disrupt but eventually I got there.
Now month 3, …

About Me - July

July 8th, 2015, I had the pleasure of meeting Les Brown and hearing him speak. He’s a famous motivational speaker in the US. Check him out. Anyways, I was over 300 lbs. Sick, moody, depressed, the list goes on. I was not a picture of health.
Something needed to change. If I continued my path, a pine box was coming my way.
Losing weight wasn’t easy for me. I struggled. I hated myself for falling off the wagon. I’d curse myself for every mistake I made.
In the beginning, it was so exhausting.
But finally, I found a way to get out of my own way. I began to trust the process and remind myself every day isn’t going to be perfect. We all make mistakes. That’s how we learn. That’s how we get better.
Then I started to log what I was doing. I began seeing where I’d fall off the wagon and try new strategies because I had on paper strategies which didn’t work. I even shared some my favorite breakthroughs on my blog.

A Decade of Deceit

I discovered a few pics of me about 10 years ago.

Man, my hair was dark!
Man, has camera quality improved!
I was about 250 in that pic, a decade ago.
I got up to over 300 lbs in my 30s
I remember 2 years ago I was watching my 3 kids playing.
I had enough. I wanted to be able to keep up with them.
I made the decision.
Whatever it took.
This is what I did in 2 years.

You can too.

Week 9

Week 9
I thought I was bought in but I swear there’s levels like onions I keep peeling off.
But that means I’m progressing which excites me.
It’s a rabbit hole of adventure and wonder. I just explored the surface!

Week 9 is focusing on the Bullet Proof Coffee and Teas.
I’m excited to try them. One month ago, I was swearing them off. My perception keeps flipping upside down.
So many prejudices I’m not even aware of, daily, get illuminated. I’m glad I’m seeing them so I can work on them.
I’m also discovering things which don’t work.
Bulletproofing Cold Coffee isn’t the best idea.
Neither is Multivitamins on an empty stomach.
At least not for me. YMMV.

Like I explained in my expectations, I changed up my macros.
5% Carbs
80% Fat
15% Protein
The real average was
8% C / 76% F / 16% P

Here is my weekly summary

My weight is still going down. I’m not trying to cut anymore. Instead, I’m letting my body find it’s homeostasis.
Right now, I’m at 188 lbs.
That’s over 112 lbs of total…

Multivitamins on an Empty Stomach

I wanted to fast today but made a critical mistake.
I ate a vitamin.
These vitamins on an empty stomach tear me up. I keep on forgetting this.
Every single time I take this vitamin, 15 minutes later, my stomach churns until I get food in it.
I guess that means no multi vitamins on an empty stomach. You’d think I’d figured that out the first time. This was the 5th time I’ve done it.
So I’m writing this note to myself so I may better remember. Because I keep forgetting.
Kind of like how I forget what I eat when I don’t take a picture of it or immediately log it.
Kind of like how I forget what exercises I do when I don’t record it or log it.
I’m writing it down all these things because it’s important to me.

What do you write down?

Keto Good Idea Bad Idea - BPC

My wife and I were chatting last night about BulletProof Coffee (BPC).
I've known about BPC for a while now but it wasn't something that interested me. At least not until I reworked my nutrition strategy for week 8 - 10.
I realized my existing strategy wasn't feasible.
I needed fat supplementation.
Bring on oily coffee.
Good Idea
For those who don't know. BPC is coffee with grass fed butter or ghee and coconut or mct oil.
Yes. You read that right.
Butter and Oil.
Buttery, Oily Coffee.
Guess what. It's a Good Idea!
I liked adding a grind of Pink Himalayan Salt (PHS) and a tiny amount of Erythritol Stevia Blend (ESB) to mine.
Bad Idea
BulletProof Cold Brewed Coffee
1 tbsp Kerrygold1 tbsp Coconut Oil1 grind PHS1 squirt (ESB)1 cup >cold brewed< coffee
The things about saturated fat is they solidify in cold temperatures.
The fat turned into a thousand tiny coffee flavored boba balls as I mixed everything together.

It was an experience. I don't recommend others trying t…

Keto Elevator Pitch

When your body becomes good at burning fat for energy, you start burning fat for energy all the time.
Then, you stop getting hungry and eating become optional. Your body burns instead the internal fat stores for energy.
You eat less because you aren’t hungry and you lose weight. Humans have been doing this forever.

Week 8 - 10 Keto Macro Expectations

One of the biggest contributors to me losing weight was logging my food.

Without finding out out where I was, there was little chance I could improve on where I was.

After a while, I realized I had enough information to log my food in advance.

I could forecast my meals!
Sure, it wasn't perfect but they kept me close to target so much better than I could of without it.

I had my own play book of recipes which I knew worked for me... Because they worked for me!

Since Keto, I had to create a new play book of recipes. Most my old ones were carbohydrate dependent.

Great news is I'm at a point where I can begin to once again forecast my food. This is where I shined last year losing weight!

I'm excited to see how it works this year.  This is what I’m shooting for:20 - 40 g total carbs a day, half being fiber80 – 100 g total protein100 – 200 g fat
My plan allows my body to use existing fat stores to supplement my nutritional fat deficit.
This is what MyFitnessPal recommends:38 g t…

Muscle Up Monday

6 months ago, I set aside some goals for the year.
One of them is the muscle up.
The thing is…
I couldn’t even do a pull up. I could barely do pushups.
Sure, I lost a lot of weight… I looked great! But, no muscles will still struggles lifting light weight. I had to put the work in for the result to happen. Just like in weight loss.
I had to work on growing muscle.
In 2017 I shifted focus. One reason the scale slowed was I spent more time developing fundamentals of sustainable strength.
Now in the second half of the year, I can start chasing those lofty goals I made so long ago. I can finally lift myself up to that level.
That’s what I’m going do.
Mondays will now be #MuscleUpMonday to chase my muscle up goal.
Thursdays will be #ThursdayInversday to chasing my handstand goal.
I’m going to try to track my progress. This is week two.
I got out the GoPro and filmed it. I want to show you a 1 minute clip of where I’m at.
I don’t know how often I’ll do this. It may be dependent on your int…

Half Birthday

I love what I wrote today in my journal. I’m going to share it with you.
Do you journal? It’s awesome. Sure, it’s awkward in the beginning but it’s gold long term. You can find So much value writing your thoughts.
One awesome result is you can go back through your life and pick up gems you completely forgot about.
That’s what this entry was about. It’s too great to keep to myself.
I hope you enjoy it.
Hey look! It’s my Half Birthday.
So far, I’ve persevered every time against anxiety. Why does it still trouble me? Why am I still so afraid?
May we remain joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer, always.
Anything worth doing is not a one-step journey.
Stay mindful of your goal.
Things to ask yourself:
Is deviating from your goal worth it?
Will you regret deviating tomorrow? Will you regret it in 5 minutes?
Is the deviation a new experience? Then consider the deviation. New, non-mundane experiences are worth it for the story.
Is it a special occasion? Sometimes the health…