Half Birthday

I love what I wrote today in my journal. I’m going to share it with you.

Do you journal? It’s awesome. Sure, it’s awkward in the beginning but it’s gold long term. You can find So much value writing your thoughts.

One awesome result is you can go back through your life and pick up gems you completely forgot about.

That’s what this entry was about. It’s too great to keep to myself.

I hope you enjoy it.


Hey look! It’s my Half Birthday.

So far, I’ve persevered every time against anxiety. Why does it still trouble me? Why am I still so afraid?

May we remain joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer, always.

Anything worth doing is not a one-step journey.

Stay mindful of your goal.

Things to ask yourself:

  • Is deviating from your goal worth it?
  • Will you regret deviating tomorrow? Will you regret it in 5 minutes?
  • Is the deviation a new experience? Then consider the deviation. New, non-mundane experiences are worth it for the story.
  • Is it a special occasion? Sometimes the healthy choice is the prejudged unhealthy choice. Health is multifaceted.
  • Is your goal so dogmatic you can’t sample the deviation? Health is not an idolic stature to worship.  Health is dynamic.
  • Is your prejudged path too rigid? Remain open to shifting ways toward goals. Remain open to shifting goals.
  • Will you miss an opportunity in the deviation? You can have a Dunkin Donut any day, it’s not an endangered experience.

When you deviate from your goals. Accept and learn. Some deviations are worth revisiting, other are not.

Don’t judge yourself for not knowing what you thought you should have known. Learn. Adapt. Overcome.
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