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Bell Pepper Week

Some you know I'm working with Josiah Novak. I had the privilege to join his True 8 March Program. It's great!
It's full of high motivated, highly helpful people excited to pump each other up. It's hard not to grasp onto the energy there.
Also, Josiah keeps dropping knowledge bombs, recipes, and workouts. It's a great watering hole of inspiration!
Anyway, this week I decided to post to the group some of my dinners. I wanted to also share them with you.
We had a bunch of bell peppers in the refrigerator this week so I dubbed this week, Bell Pepper Week!

Taco Tuesday!
It's a tradition in the household.
My boys like meat and cheese, Emily usually it plain.
I'm usually making burritos of quinoa, black beans, and taco seasoned cauliflower. I'm a mad scientist in the kitchen. I love it.
Well, we had a ton of Bell Peppers, no quinoa, and I wasn't feeling the black beans and cauliflower.
So I decided to make Bell Pepper Nachos.

My first attempt was cutting the …

Not Giving Away My Shot!

This morning I weighed in a full pound heavier than yesterday.
Flip the table!

Then the split second of anger subsided to a chuckle.
Yes, I still have a tendency to kick myself in the morning but I'm finding it's starting to be a healthy thing.
My trigger now triggers a healthier introspection of my previous day. Instead of condemning myself, I review the day and see if there's something I did wrong.  Yes, that took me a while to learn how to do.
In fact, there was.
Yesterday's Dinner Yesterday I made chicken, rice, and green beans. Not too bad right?
I also toasted up some bolillo bread in the oven. Being health conscious, I divided each 6 in loaf into two, serving size friendly pieces.
Being smart, I abstained from getting the second piece during dinner.
Fast forward to clean up. There was the other half, next to a baking pan of chicken grease and roasted seasoning.
I tell you like a viper I struck.
I dropped that half of bread right down on the pan, cut side down. I…

St. Batman's Day

After grinding hard last 2 weeks, I discovered I completed my obligation for Q1 a day early. Excellent!
It's my kid's spring break and they are out of school. My plans came to fruition and I took Friday off (with my boss' blessing).
Backstory Now not long ago, my kids and I were hitting up a Goodwill and discovered a few Batman costumes. They begged for them and I relented. Then, they begged weekly to wear them. Today was the day they got to don the mantle of the Dark Knight. Todat was Batman Day!
It was also St. Patrick's Day but that's another story.
Stop 1 : Skate Park?
Our first destination Friday was a local skate park.
But why? Great Question!
Batman Parkour!
Think of all those ramps, step, and slides! It's a perfect place to hone crime fighting parkour skills. My two Batmen ran up and jumped ramps. They also slid down them on their padded Batman bums. I even pulled out the Go Pro for some extreme Batman First Person action!
I haven't seen the footage but I b…


I'm talking a lot about progress lately.
I'm talking about how we need to forget about perfection because perfection is obtainable.
But progress... progress we all can do. We all can measure then work to improve upon that measure.
Perfection was something that always held me back. I always wanted the perfect route laid out before I even attempted to start.  Can you relate? But when do we ever have perfect conditions? When are the conditions perfect for anything spanning more than a step? 
GoalsThanks to Chandler Stevens for the inspiration.
Picture this:
It's dark and you have a goal. You have somewhere you need to be. You have a car, it's running.  The headlights are on.
Do you wait for morning? Do you wait until dawn when you can see the entire path before you go?
What if when dawn breaks, a hill lies before you? What if the construction crew of life posted detour signs all over your idealistic path? Would you  wait until they built the on ramp to success for you? 

Be A Metagamer

Metagamer"... [P]layers using meta knowledge to grant themselves an unfair advantage (such as a piece of info that the player heard but their character would not know, etc.) ..." - J. Lilley

This is a deadly sin of table top role playing. It's breaking the rules, using external factors to influence adventures. Metagaming destroys games, groups, even friendships! So why the title?
Well just as your character could benefit from outside knowledge. So could you. Wouldn't you like an unfair advantage in life?
But how do you metagame your life?  How do you see your situations from outside yourself?

Try a time shift strategy.

Picture yourself one year from now, beyond your current struggles. What do you look like a year from now, after overcoming your obstacles?
Picture yourself in the past, before you've overcome other obstacles. You're still alive and stronger and more equipped from them, right?
Sure, some may of scarred you, physically or psychologically. Some h…

My Weekend

I was surprised to see my weight this morning. I figured it to be a lot more than what it was. Then for a second, I was a little bummed. If I had done better, it would of been lower.  But I can't go back in time. I accepted the results and reminded myself I have similar temptations this Friday. Dual birthday parties with the in-laws. #twins
Let's take a step back and see how my weekend went before I dare consider the future. Those who don't review their pasts likely repeat it. I've been there. You?
Friday Anyway, after a stressful week, I decided to take the kids to the park. We decided on Heritage Park in League City. Once we got there, it soon turned into a tag fest. That's great for me cause it's like cardio without the suck. Sorry cardio lovers... =)
After an hour there, we were all wiped and decided to head home but along the way, we came across a Panda Express. "I want Panda Express!" Called Emily. The boys cheered her on. I submitted.
I ended …

Nirvana Fallacy

One issue I see with people wanting to lose weight is their unrealistic expectations. Come on people!
This is not the fantasy land of TV where you lose 100 lbs in 5 weeks!
Come on, they live in a gym, 6 hours a day and have chefs prepare their 100 calorie a day meals. The even have their own personal trainers who torture them daily!
Reality TV is not the same as reality. Biggest Loser is not reality. It's TV!
Get it together guys!
What they are doing is an inhumane science experiment for ratings! I'm surprised no one has died!
And have you heard most of them are worse off now then when they started! They rebound so hard! Why? Because torturing people is horrible incentive to change habits!
Did you forget the TV exists to capture your attention? If it didn't, you'd be doing something else. On purpose they compress time to keep thing interesting.
It's not reality!
It's simple. If you want lasting results, you need to develop a healthy relationship with the food you eat.…