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October 1st

It's October! Today is the day! I am back on the Strict Keto train! Well, at least, I'm back to logging my food. Keeping myself accountable. All the events in September I used as an excuse. But that's okay. Cause the wagon waits. And I'm back on! Or so I thought.

Morning started well with my awesome sous chef John Phillip and I making Fatty Eggs. 

He loves his with a blend of shredded mexican cheese and grated parmesean (Which we pronounces Farma John Cheese). 
Here's the breakdown of Fatty Eggs.

After church, the kids voted on wings. It was also game day. Mistakes were made. Ha! Loaded Waffle fries apparently have a ton more carbs than I thought they did. 

Still, I took my shots and kept on fighting while watching the Houston Texans do things unholy to the Tennesse Titans while nomming down my buffalo lemon pepper wings. Excellent wings!

By the time we were done, we decided to discover... Discovery Green. And we took the long way to it. We first took the metro ra…