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July 8th, 2015, I had the pleasure of meeting Les Brown and hearing him speak. He’s a famous motivational speaker in the US. Check him out.
Anyways, I was over 300 lbs. Sick, moody, depressed, the list goes on. I was not a picture of health.

Something needed to change. If I continued my path, a pine box was coming my way.

Losing weight wasn’t easy for me. I struggled. I hated myself for falling off the wagon. I’d curse myself for every mistake I made.

In the beginning, it was so exhausting.

But finally, I found a way to get out of my own way. I began to trust the process and remind myself every day isn’t going to be perfect. We all make mistakes. That’s how we learn. That’s how we get better.

Then I started to log what I was doing. I began seeing where I’d fall off the wagon and try new strategies because I had on paper strategies which didn’t work. I even shared some my favorite breakthroughs on my blog.

Over time, I pushed past what I thought was impossible odds. It became fun! I started looking for the next obstacle to overcome.

Next thing I know, I’m over 80 pounds down and have an entire playbook on what’s worked for me.

What more, through journaling. I dropped ton of Spiritual weight off my heart. Things which threw me into depression now bounced off me like nothing. I fought those dragons and defeated them. And I’ve only got stronger since. Now, when they rear their head, they’re nothing to me.

Things last year which would disable me, now only a stair step which now elevates me. My blog goes into a lot more detail on this.

Now I’m over 110 lbs down. Loving keto. Loving life. Living love. Spreading the word. Paying forward all the blessings presented to me.

I just want to tell all my friends struggling right now. Stop worrying about failure and start writing down what you are doing. Log the meals, exercises, feelings. Get intimate with them. Become an expert of yourself. Get interested in how you operate. Then start optimizing one thing at a time, just a little bit.

Life is not binary. Neither is your progress. That’s why it’s called progress. One step at a time. Progress a little bit further each day. Learn a little bit more about yourself each day. Master yourself a little bit more… each day.

Only takes a few minutes.

But like compound interest. It adds up.

Get compound interested in yourself.

You’re going to fail. Good. Go and fail again. Keep failing. Keep learning. Keep working until you figure it out. It’s so worth it.

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