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I Survived Keto

In the beginning, it was a hard sell for me. I was plant powered and wasn’t interesting in switching over to a low carb high fat diet. That’s so silly! Why would any rational person do that?
But after prodding from my lovely wife, I ceded. With tepidation, I tip toed toward the diet, giving it a dubious due diligence along the way. I was going to prove keto was just a fad diet.
There’s a lot of hype and misinformation around it. But I dug deeper, I began to find it is a ton more nuanced than what fit on an infographic. It’s profound! The science behind it blows my mind. Why has this not been around longer?
First 2
To be honest, the first 2 weeks were hard for me. I believed this wouldn’t work. Everything I knew told me this wouldn’t work. But it wasn’t good enough for me to know it. I needed to prove it, so I gave it a fair shake.
First 2 weeks were hard. I wanted the carbs. They called to me. I dreamed in them. Each whiff of bread intoxicated my senses.
But by week 3, that toxic addictive…

A Note from Last Year

A Note from Last Year.
Today I started Fit2Fat2Fit Dietbet, weighing in at 240 pounds . I just weighed myself before going to bed, 244 and a half pounds.
Now instead of losing 9.6 pounds in 4 weeks, I need to lose 14.1.
I'm not giving up but that's all types of discouraging...

Does this sound familiar? Every time you start, you fall backward.
You're not alone.
The thing is... If that's when you give up, you lose.
Instead, get up and try again.
What's the point you may ask?
Only you know 'What the point' is. Only you can know your 'Why'.
What I'm saying is 'Don't give up on your why'.
Giving up is easy but that won't make life easy.
What Happened?
By the way, I lost that 14.1 pounds and even more.
Then, my long term goal was 220.
I eventually had to make another goal of 200.
I'm now at 190.
That's 50 pounds! And I'm still losing fat... And gaining a ton of muscle!

Interested in doing the same?

Your Turn

Picture this:

Your infant child, one hand on the wall, pulling himself up to try to walk.
He's up, vertical, stumbling awkward. His hand, on the wall for support, turning toward you for his big show.
Wobbling, he steps forward. One step, then, two.
Then as gravity's pull latches on to him, he stumbles half a step more, then falls prone to the ground.

What parent would curse this child for falling? What parent would call him stupid, claim they were a defect from the wrong side of the gene pool? Only two and a half steps? For Shame!
On the other side, who would hoot and cheer? Clap and sing the child's praises? Lift him up and high with a hundred kisses?

Then why do we call our selfs stupid when we stumble and fall on the second and a half step? Why do we blame out genes and curse out abilities trying something new? Figuring out something we haven't mastered yet?
The magic is in that we made it to two. The magic is we can crawl right back over to that wall. Lift our selfs u…

Dogmatic Diets

Try not to get too dogmatic with your diet. Like snowflakes, we are all similar but unique. Your best bet is to journal your way and listen to what your body tells you.
20 grams of carbs is just a starting point. Protein in grams to lean mass weight is just a starting weight.
Start there, then experiment. Get interested. Be a case study of 1. Learn to ask a lot of questions. Take all the answers with a grain of salt. Pink Himalayan Salt. Take everything with salt. You need the electrolytes.

And... of course, above all else, don’t forget to… 
Keep Calm and Keto On.

Oops I did it again

This morning I woke up full. It was a great feeling. I was pleasantly surprised. I felt like I could go the entire day without eating.
… But then I went down stairs.

I started to make a pecan, coconut flake, flax shake with cacao and erythritol. It tasted amazing! Just like a creamy, nutty chocolate. So good!!!
But I wasn’t hungry. In fact, I was full.
Then I made myself an omelet with goat cheese. Delicious.
But I wasn’t hungry. In fact, I was full.
The omelet was great. I loved it. I topped it with some Louisiana hot sauce and devoured it like a mad man.
But I wasn’t hungry.In fact, the entire time,I was full.

This is a reminder to myself
Wait until you are hungry to eat. Food is everywhere, you aren’t going to starve.
Stop eating once you’re good. You don’t have to clear your plate. You can save the rest for later in case you get hungry again.
The food industry shouldn’t dictate your eating habits. They have their best interests at heart, not yours.

Don’t be so hard on yourself
How many years …

Keto Week 4 Highlight Reel

I’ve been taking pictures of my food so I could better remember what I ate so I can better log my food in myfitnesspal. Thus, I have a lot of food pictures! (Microsoft Word recommended I use Thus)
So, before I delete them to make room for the next thousand pictures I take. I figure I’ll take a second to drop them into a blog post and talk about some of my favorite courses.
If you are interested in any one of them. Please let me know and I’ll share the full recipe.

Keto MCMuffin Breakfast Sammich

This little breakfast is amazing!
All gratitude goes to Anne Marie for finding and making this Cloud Bread. It works perfectly!
I stuck some bacon, cheese, chicken, and mayo between two pieces. Nuke it for 30 seconds and go to town on them.
They are so a good idea I’m requesting them weekly now. Makes quick breakfast a breeze!

Keto Poppers

These bad boys may look familiar.
It’s jalapeno, cream cheese, and bacon.
You can also use cheddar… Or string cheese.
You can stuff other things in them like fa…

Week 4: Keep it in Ketosis

Well I’m a convert. Something about this counter intuitive lifestyle just… works. I don’t get it, but I’m starting to. It’s a process and it is intriguing.
I’m no longer jittery and I’m not drinking coffee after lunch anymore.
Those two things may be related now that I think about it.
I also have more energy during my workouts. I mean, I did de-load (lower the weight) a little bit but now I can observe my form much better.
I can feel each muscle work.
Is that keto?
I don’t know yet but it’s compelling. The correlation exists. It’s too soon to determine causation.

My hunger levels are low too. No craving. I’m now eating lunch at 2:30. I might get in trouble with work for that. But to be honest, I’m not hungry. I could go a few more hours .
The only reason I’m eating lunch right now is for my protein goals. 150g is hard for me to do. I’m just too satiated.
I also have more energy at night. It's not the jittery kind (maybe that’s less coffee again). I also find it a lot easier for me t…

The Case For Keto

Where do I start?
It’s so… counter intuitive from everything I know. Everything I learned. Everything I’ve heard.
It’s like when… someone insists the world is round when you know in your heart that can’t be.
Of course, the world is flat! Why on Earth would the Earth be round?
That’s ridiculous!
Of course, like Aristotle and Christopher Columbus, you kind of have to see it to believe it. Right?
In the same way, I want to share discoveries which began to sell me on the ideology of ketogenic viability. This is coming from a harsh critic and doubter, much as I imagine those who swore the Earth was, in fact, flat.

So, there’s tons of overweight people these days (pun). But it hasn’t always been the case. Has it?
What changed?
Many things, of course but one of the main changes is how we consume our food.
I mean, we could rant nonstop about all the nuances of modern day food consumption. I may do just that at some later time… but I think it is easy to set this president.
"What we eat play…