One Small Step - Carbs

20 g carbs a day is hard
If you’re used to 300.Some people can’t go cold turkey.
I couldn’t.What to do?Instead of ‘All or Nothing’
Give up what you can, now.
If you’re at 300 g carbs a day, try 150 g carbs a day.
Once you can do that, try 75 g carbs a day.
Keep progressing at your pace.Let next week worry about itself.
Focus on the small step you can do today which will get you there next week.Progression, not perfection.
That’s what gets you to the top of the mountain.

One Small Step - Salt

A week into keto and you feel like crap?
I was there too.One reason you may feel salty is because you’re lacking electrolytes.
Let me explain.Salty over SaltWhen we produce less insulin we retain less water.
The thing is, our body water isn’t distilled.
It’s full of minerals, like electrolytes.
So when we retain less, we need to reuptake or consume more.Basically, when keto, you need more electrolytes and more waterHow?Here’s a few great resources on replenshing your electrolytes.

One Small Step - Bread Alternatives

The best way to climb a mountain is one step at a time.
The same way, the best way to succeed in keto is to do one step at a time.
One great step toward a healthier life (also keto) is dropping bread.
But how do I eat a sandwhich?
Great question.
Bread AlternativesLettucePortabello mushroomsGrilled eggplantCheese ‘Buns’Oopsie Bread Keto Bread Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the mind behind Sola.  We had a great conversation about Chinese 5 Spice, braised short ribs, and more.  I haven't had his bread, but today I discovered he sells it.  It's a premium price point but if you really want bread, here's a link.
Sola Low Carb Sandwhich Bread *
*Amazon Affiliate Link

Armadillo Eggs from Stone Cold Meats in League City, TX

Last weekend I went to Stone Cold Meats in League City.
It is amazing!They have a great selection of cuts and processed meats items.
The item I decided I could not live without were the Armadillo Eggs.Cream CheeseJalapenosBaconSausageTony Chachere’sHow could you go wrong with that?!I bought 8 for all my friends, then I forgot to invite them over. =)In the end, they were a tad on the salty side.
Next time I go, I’ll ask for them without Tony’s on.
Other than that, they were excellent.They took about 20 minutes on the grill, turning every 5 minutes.
Perfection.I definitely recommend checking them out.Of course, if you can’t I reverse engineered the recipe.
I don’t have the amounts, but if you compare ingrediants and pictures, you might be able to figure it out.
Let me know if you do.Copycat Armadillo EggsInspired from the Armadillo Eggs at Stone Cold Meats in League City, TexasPrep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 30 minutesIngredientsBaconGround SausageJalapenos, ChoppedCream CheeseTony Cha…

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Looking for a great game night snack?
Want something less carbby to munch on during the game?Here’s a great treat for you and your friends.These were one of my favorite snacks when I was strating out on keto.Cream Cheese,BaconSpice kick of jalapenosWhat’s not to like?
You can even add shrimp to the cream cheese, making skrimp brochette.
All you need is some preecooked shrimp. The big ones are great with the tail on.
Oustanding treat, appetizer, or even meal.Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno PoppersYield: 20 poppers
Prep time: 10 minutes
Total time: 40 minutes +Ingredients10 slices Bacon10 Jalapenos1 package Cream CheeseDirectionsPreheat oven at 300FCut strips of bacon in halfSlice jalapenos in half, longwaysRemove seeds and membrane from jalapenosFill center with cream cheese [1]Wrap with baconBake 30 minutes at 300FQ and AQ: Why do you cook the poppers at 300F and not 400F?
A: You can cook at 400F for 20 minutes but the smoke point of bacon is around 325F. Too many times I smoked out the house c…

Cream Cheese Scrambled Eggs

After making eggs in the morning for over a year, you'd think I'd of burnt out. Sure, in all honesty I did burn out a few times, but I keep coming back with new variations.
Here is my latest.

It's inspired by Gordon Ramsay's masterchef tutorial on making the perfect scrambled eggs.

On watching it again as I'm setting up this post, I'm proud to say I'm pretty close.

I start with the eggs and butter, or bacon fat, in a pan. It's usually 6 eggs for 3 people. I'd like to say it's 3 knobs, in Gordon speak, or tbsps of fat but I never measure.

I also work the eggs on and off the fire, like Gordon shows in the tutorial. In the beginning, it was a little awkward, but with practice, it becomes intuitive. My best advice is, once it's not easy to spatula the bottom, pull it off. Keep working the eggs until it's easy to spatula the bottom, then put it back on. Try it a few times, you'll see.

Now once the eggs start solidifying, instead of the cr…

The Fight

I was on my 5th medallion of raw cookie before I realized I may have a problem.
Normal days, I'd of turned my nose up at the sugar laced dough but today I was like an addict, consuming it.
8,9,10 slices. I knew it was wrong. Why could I not stop?
What was wrong with me?
I couldn't.
I didn't know.
I was a failure.
What's the point?
I was meant to be fat.
It was a good time while it lasted.

That was my thought process today.
A failure.
Who leads a group of people.
Following me.
A failure.
If they only knew.

I remember that voice.
It was all too common a few years ago.
I thought I defeated it.
It's still around.

But I remember when I was much weaker than I am now. I rememeber I defeated it.
But it's back.
I was lax.
It grew strength,
I grew complacent.

So we are back in combat. The person who conquered health and the person who was unhealthy.
Who wins?
The one I feed.
But if it was only that simple.

Step one start with admission.
I have a problem.
A problem I thou…