Train for the less Ideal

I am sitting, day 3, in an intensive training course.
32 hours in 4.5 days of automation engineering.
So intensive, we don't leave for lunch. They cater it.
Yesterday's lunch was pasta.
It was a less than ideal situation.
You'll come across a less than ideal situation.

Train for the less ideal If you are dependant on the enviroment, you depend on the enviroment.
There are times you can define your environment.
You can manipulate the variables in the definition.
You can simulate a lack when there isn't one.
You can learn to compensate for that lack.

In this case, you can learn how to skip a lunch, with a lunch at the ready. Because sometimes, you aren't ready to skip the lunch.
Sometimes you need that lunch.
But that's not always the case.
But if you try skipping a lunch, you are more likely to skip than if you don't try.

With practice, you might find, you don't even need lunch. Not the food.
With practice, you can go to the mexican food restaurnt with chi…

Impassible, not Impossible

Every push for change come with complications.
Some hurdles are a speed bump. Others, impassible.
But impassible does not mean impossible.
Each day is a new opportunity to learn, to grow.
And as we grow, impassible starts becoming possible.
We can learn how to overcome the impassible obstacles.

Slowing your Roll

Flying back from San Francisco I had a revelation. You see, we had a lay over in Dallas at Love field. However, we started descending and slowing down before Wichita Falls. I thought it odd. I mean, how long does it take a plane to stop? I checked Google Maps today and this is my result. Over 2 hours by car.

I think about how others in the past have told me how they are upset. They just can’t seem to cut carbs. It’s too hard! Well, unless you are a harrier jump jet, I reckon it would be. Now, I’m calling no one a Boeing 737, but I imagine in this case a typical jet can be analog to a typical person.
Some people need to descend and slow down gradually. Some people need to lap the airport a few times. Some people are gonna say “Screw this” and look for another airport. Some will tell flight control, or whoever is leading you to ‘Eff Off’ and try it themselves. And some people will decide to trust the system, get lined up, take their time, going at their comfort level, and land.
I’m not saying…


Last night I saw Hamilton The Musical with the touring cast at the Hobby Center for Performing Arts in Houston.


Now I know pretty much the entire script by heart. And yes, I was mouthing along with the entire cast.

But the genius of the choreography blew me away!

There’s a ton of context in the music which just comes to life in the performance. There is nuance thread into almost every line.

The Musical blew my mind.

I see why people pay so much for it.

What’s more, I feel like I could go back 3 more times. Each time, pulling back another layer of complexity woven into the heart of the performance.

It was that good.



It’s always there

But more and more, I learn how to listen to it. To leverage it.

I talk about non perfect diet, non perfect exercise. But where is my non perfect blog post?
Where is my non perfect recipe, or get together?

I’m a hypocrite, but in hypocrisy, I see places to pivot. I see room to gain ground and grow.

It may be a dead end. Or there may be gold at the end of the tunnel. But I must dig to find out.

Diet Soda

One the most recent questions asked was: Can I dink Diet Soda?

If you can thrive without them, by all means drop them as soon as possible...
Drink Water!
Carry on!

But most people who are able to do that...
Those people don't ask these kinds of questions.

People who ask this question, need their soda.
Are you following me here?

A typical person who would ask a question like this isn't just going to put down the carbonated beverage forever and never look back. They've probably tried to quit soda before and failed hard.

No shame.
Sugar is a hell of a drug.
So, my answer to someone asking this is...
Hell Yes!
You can drink diet sodas on keto if you are drinking normal sodas. But this is not a permission to guzzle gallons of sucralose or aspartame a day. I want you to get off those diet sodas ASAP!

Switch from soda to diet.
But as soon as you transitioned to diet, pivot again to something like sparkling or flavored carbonated water. That way, if you relapse, you're li…

Rockabilly Chili Mini Quiche (and 3 more Mini Quiche ideas)

After posting a picture of my Scrambled Egg Muffins (or Mini Quiches), my friend Brenda asked me for the recipe.
I listed what was on top of my head reflecting on what I did the night before, covering the basics.
EggsCheeseBaconRandom Spices...
Job well done...
Now everyone is a perpetual Gordon Ramsay now, right?
Think again Justin...

She asked me to clarify what random spices my random spices were.

The thing is...
It depends.  It's not an easy answer. I have tons.
So... I figure I'd list some of them here.

By The Way! Do you make Mini Quiche? How would you make yours? I'd love to know. Let's recipe swap.


Rockabilly Chili Mini Quiche

Spice Blend: Chili Powder Garlic Powder Cumin Oregano Paprika Onion Powder Thyme Salt
Ingredients: Egg Heavy Whipping Cream (or Whole Milk) Spice Blend Salt Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Shredded Jalapeno, Chopped Ground Beef Bacon
Directions: Preheat oven at 300F Grease muffin pan Line muffin pan with bacon Crack egg(s) into a bowl, ad…