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5 Gamechanging Applications

Last article I talked about Upgrading your AutoPilot. This one will show you ways I upped mine. There are many other apps that have changed the way I do things but the following are my gold standard. Seriously, once you learn these tools, they chisel hours off your day! I first mentioned most of these tools in 2015 in Review. It's crazy how it seems so long ago and what all has changed.

Upgrade Your AutoPilot

I'm noticing I'm getting a lot of health, nutrition, and exercise questions at work. People are noticing how much my body, mind, and attitude is changing. They say it's like I'm a whole new person! I am.

The Length of a Post

There debate on what constitutes as good length of a blog post all over the inter-webs. The one thing everyone can agree to is everyone else is wrong besides them.

Don't be a Sisyphus!

Credit: is great but it won't get you far if you don't make a plan. Motivation is like fuel but it needs direction for it to become worthwhile work.

Do you believe yourself a fat person?

I was talking with a Dragon Slayer and was compelled to ask the following question. Do you believe yourself a fat person? Now why would I ask that? Am I that big of a jerk?

My Response to FitToFatToFit Episode 4 with Alex and Geoff

So I was watching Fit to Fat to Fat Ep 4 today and I got to admit. In the beginning I did not like the trainer. He embodied the stereotype of why I didn't get into fitness. Or that's the story I tell myself. Alexander Delacruz is a weight loss dietitian from Los Angeles and man alive, he put me off immediately. I mean, I've seen 3 of the shows so far and I love the series but I was about to turn the TV off and go do something more productive with my life instead of listening to this jerk.

2 Things I Use to Lose Weight

So I was reading Spencer's accountability blog today. I tell you, I laughed in agreement when I saw his lamentations about the price of nutritional food. First off, I feel you brother. The initial sticker shock is mighty. But it gets better. It won't be as cheap as the dollar lean cuisines but at the Vibrant Wellness Journal states better than I: It's not real food.

Stairs 2016

In the beginning of 2016, my coworkers had a crazy idea to walk the stairs once a day at 3PM. Our office is on the 6th floor, that's 6 flights of stairs. Well the first time, I about passed out on the 3rd. I was in that bad of shape. I was embarrassed.

February Challenge

It's February! Or according to Hallmark... It's the month of love! But so many people constantly neglect the one person the should love most of all.