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Afraid To Fail

Note: So far I found five excuses not to write this and it's not even the first line. Change Why is it so hard? Why do we resist it so? What about change terrifies our lizard brain so much that we seek to destroy ourselves just to not try? Why are we so afraid to fail? Do we feel unprepared? I talked about quitting smoking a decade before finally finding a real reason. A reason strong enough to override my irrational belief I would never quit. I had to find a fear more ferocious than the pain of quitting to take my first real step. Before, I was pacing without real direction. I had to Dig down deep to find determination to travel the painful road between where I was and where my goal lied. Backstory My dad died when I was two. I never knew him on a conscious level. Later in life, my step dad died due to cancer from smoking. I watched him wither away at the hospital. I watched as my 9 mo old son look at me with a sad curiosity as I lit up near him because I just had to have a…

Helpful Hypocrisy

Many times I fail on the advice I give. Of course, I'm not perfect. I know I'm a work in progress too. But many times when I fail on my own advice, I struggle with the feeling of failure. Or rather I struggle with the feeling of the fear of failure. There's a difference. Even though I know failure isn't the opposite of success, it's a prerequisite to success. Even though I know progress is the true benchmark of success. I still fall into the trap from time to time. Then instead of remembering the 9 time I overcame, I fixate on the 1 time I stumble. Have you even found yourself in the same scenario? Have you ever fixated on the failures? Look, even Michael Jordan missed shots. Even the greats in baseball bat miss 2 out of 3. We all go off our mark but if we spend time concentrating on the missed shots, we miss more by not shooting. I'm not saying don't look where your shot went. I'm not saying don't recognize where you stumbled. Do that. You need …