Friday, June 23, 2017

Dogmatic Diets

Try not to get too dogmatic with your diet. Like snowflakes, we are all similar but unique. Your best bet is to journal your way and listen to what your body tells you.

20 grams of carbs is just a starting point. Protein in grams to lean mass weight is just a starting weight.

Start there, then experiment. Get interested. Be a case study of 1. Learn to ask a lot of questions. Take all the answers with a grain of salt. Pink Himalayan Salt. Take everything with salt. You need the electrolytes.

And... of course, above all else, don’t forget to… 

Keep Calm and Keto On.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oops I did it again

This morning I woke up full. It was a great feeling. I was pleasantly surprised. I felt like I could go the entire day without eating.

… But then I went down stairs.

I started to make a pecan, coconut flake, flax shake with cacao and erythritol. It tasted amazing! Just like a creamy, nutty chocolate. So good!!!

But I wasn’t hungry. In fact, I was full.

Then I made myself an omelet with goat cheese. Delicious.

But I wasn’t hungry. In fact, I was full.

The omelet was great. I loved it. I topped it with some Louisiana hot sauce and devoured it like a mad man.

But I wasn’t hungry. 
In fact, the entire time, 
I was full.

This is a reminder to myself

Wait until you are hungry to eat. Food is everywhere, you aren’t going to starve.

Stop eating once you’re good. You don’t have to clear your plate. You can save the rest for later in case you get hungry again.

The food industry shouldn’t dictate your eating habits. They have their best interests at heart, not yours.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

How many years of misinformation are pumped into your head? Do you think you can so easy shake them?

You tried 10 years to quit smoking! You took 3 months to lose your first 5 lbs!

Why are you so discouraged? Of course this is hard! This is a new frontier for you.

Don’t be sad. Instead, get excited! You found a new land to explore and master. And master you will... As long as you don't quit.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Keto Week 4 Highlight Reel

I’ve been taking pictures of my food so I could better remember what I ate so I can better log my food in myfitnesspal. Thus, I have a lot of food pictures! (Microsoft Word recommended I use Thus)

So, before I delete them to make room for the next thousand pictures I take. I figure I’ll take a second to drop them into a blog post and talk about some of my favorite courses.

If you are interested in any one of them. Please let me know and I’ll share the full recipe.

Keto MCMuffin Breakfast Sammich

This little breakfast is amazing!


All gratitude goes to Anne Marie for finding and making this Cloud Bread. It works perfectly!

I stuck some bacon, cheese, chicken, and mayo between two pieces. Nuke it for 30 seconds and go to town on them.

They are so a good idea I’m requesting them weekly now. Makes quick breakfast a breeze!

Keto Poppers

These bad boys may look familiar.

It’s jalapeno, cream cheese, and bacon.

You can also use cheddar… Or string cheese.

You can stuff other things in them like fajita chicken, or beef, or shrimp!

You can dip them in beat eggs and the roll them in crushed pork rinds for a deep fry.


Stop what you are doing and go try this.

Just… don’t chop the bacon in half. Use the whole slice. We figured it out the hard way.

Keto Casserole

Did you know green beans are keto friendly?

I didn’t until I was cursing at all the pasta and beans in my pantry, lamenting I can’t eat them on keto.

But then I saw their nutritional contents.

Like a bright beam blinding me for a second, the label blared the fiber content.

Not bad at all!

Just add cream cheese and heavy whipping cream. Top with shredded cheddar or crushed pork rinds.

Oh my goodness.

This casserole went hard!

Bell Pepper Keto Cups

You may remember Bell Pepper Week. Well as I continue on my journey, I keep turning to these bad boys.

So good!

Salty, fat taco meat on top of a baked tender bell pepper smothered in a pepper jack and Mexican blend cheese, topped with… wait for it... Bacon

We fell in love in a hopeless place.

Breakfast Scramble

I use had this yesterday morning and It’s going to land on my top 5 breakfast ideas.

2-3 eggs, beat.

Milk and Heavy cream


Nuke it in a microwave safe container for a minute


Nuke it again

Add more Keto stuff


Nuke it again

It worked perfect with the constant “Daddy Can I have this” from my 3 kids.

About the time they had their stuff on the table, my breakfast scramble was ready.

The funny thing.

I could only eat half of it.

So good.


Soooooo full.

Your Turn

So, what’s your super awesome keto invention this week?

I want to try it out.

I’d love to make it and share your idea

So please, throw it in the comments below.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Talk soon.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Week 4: Keep it in Ketosis

Well I’m a convert. Something about this counter intuitive lifestyle just… works. I don’t get it, but I’m starting to. It’s a process and it is intriguing.

I’m no longer jittery and I’m not drinking coffee after lunch anymore.

Those two things may be related now that I think about it.

I also have more energy during my workouts. I mean, I did de-load (lower the weight) a little bit but now I can observe my form much better.

I can feel each muscle work.

Is that keto?

I don’t know yet but it’s compelling. The correlation exists. It’s too soon to determine causation.


My hunger levels are low too. No craving. I’m now eating lunch at 2:30. I might get in trouble with work for that. But to be honest, I’m not hungry. I could go a few more hours .

The only reason I’m eating lunch right now is for my protein goals. 150g is hard for me to do. I’m just too satiated.

I also have more energy at night. It's not the jittery kind (maybe that’s less coffee again). I also find it a lot easier for me to say no to the late-night junk food I had so many issues with before.

I’ll attribute that to keto. Thanks!

Before, do not catch me in that kitchen after 9 or 10.

So many mornings I woke up pissed about the damage I did the night before and the scale reminded me all about it.

Ha! But also... Ugggh!

Game of Adequate Sleep

I’m still struggling with waking up early in the morning. I’m about 50% there but I think that’s more me being comfortable downstairs after 9.

Before I‘d go to bed at 9pm to avoid the late-night temptations. BTW, that’s a great tip if you are tempted by late night snacks. Just go to bed early.

Sleep is SOOOO important to your health. Stop squandering it for mini hits of televised dopamine drip.

Come on, right?

Now, I’m more comfortable staying down there. There’s a few times we accidentally stay down till midnight. Whoops. Again. Sleep is important. Silicon Valley and VEEP can wait!

Remind me when Game of Thrones and Walking Dead are back on I said these shows can wait. That’ll be a true test of willpower.


Anyway, I’m sold. I need to reel back in my focus with all this energy. My laser beam mind,  scattered like mad! I’m noticing I need to lasso it up. Kind of like in the blog posts. And stop getting distracted on Facebook.

Maybe I should Keep it in Ketosis.

That’s a cool title.

I think I’ll use it.

Good talk.

By the Way!

I have a new Facebook Group! It’s all about Game of Throne and Ketosis because I love both and why not? I called it Game of keTones.

It’s a place where we share recipes. Our meals. Keto advice.  Revealing gif of Daenerys Targaryen eating hearts. Ramses Bolton eating sausage. All types of questionable hi-jinks while remaining ‘Safe For Work’. Come be a part of the party!

Friday, June 02, 2017

The Case For Keto

Where do I start?

It’s so… counter intuitive from everything I know. Everything I learned. Everything I’ve heard.

It’s like when… someone insists the world is round when you know in your heart that can’t be.

Of course, the world is flat! Why on Earth would the Earth be round?

That’s ridiculous!

Of course, like Aristotle and Christopher Columbus, you kind of have to see it to believe it. Right?

In the same way, I want to share discoveries which began to sell me on the ideology of ketogenic viability. This is coming from a harsh critic and doubter, much as I imagine those who swore the Earth was, in fact, flat.


So, there’s tons of overweight people these days (pun). But it hasn’t always been the case. Has it?

What changed?

Many things, of course but one of the main changes is how we consume our food.

I mean, we could rant nonstop about all the nuances of modern day food consumption. I may do just that at some later time… but I think it is easy to set this president.

"What we eat plays a significant contribution to how much we weigh."



Let’s just chew on that that for a moment and shift into obesity.


The condition of being grossly fat or overweight. Obesity increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease… a ton of bad stuff. (another pun)

Basically, it’s not an health state or condition to be in, right?

I mean, it wasn’t healthy for me.

I was over 300 lbs. Lethargic, unmotivated, depressed. That’s just 2 years ago!

Over time I could have developed some serious health problems. Maybe you’re in the boat I was. Maybe you already have a few conditions related to obesity. You are not alone!

And you also not stuck. Let’s start considering picking up those health paddles and get to rowing.

 Believe me, you don’t want to mess with the waterfall of declining health. Those rapids are not fun. It’s not something you put on a postcard and mail to your friends.

Speaking of, here’s one condition which freaks me out. I know a lot of people with it.

Type 2 Diabetes

Not good stuff. Your blood sugar is too high.

But why?

Your body doesn’t make enough insulin to energize your cells so your body stores it as fat.

I used to work in receiving at Walmart. That’s where we unload all those 18 wheelers full of cargo and help stock the shelves.

Well, if there is too much product and only so much shelf, we can’t leave the extra product on the truck. It’s has to go somewhere.

It instead goes to the stock room.

The same goes if there are not enough stockers to stock the shelves. The product still has to go somewhere.

Hello again stock room!

The stock room in Walmart was a fixed, finite space. You can only fit so much stock into the stock room until the people who order the stuff stop ordering stuff. You should see how crowded it get before Black Friday! I imagine about as crowded as my belly was when I was over 300 lbs.

The thing is, the stock room of our body is not a fixed space. It can expand.

Look down.

Jiggly tummy?

Flabby thighs?

They are your stock room.

Now don’t curse your stock. Don’t judge it. Because that same overstock is about to become your best friend. You’re about to make profit on all those stores.

Because we are going to help those little stockers in your body.

Let me introduce you do them.

They’re name is Insulin.


Isn’t that the shots you need to take when you are diabetic?

But Why? (I ask why a lot)

Because with prolonged high blood sugar, your overworked hormone, insulin, get burned out. You become insulin resistant.

So now sick and tired insulin is dragging his feet and instead of happily energizing cells.

  • He’s cutting corners.
  • He's taking more (and longer) smoke breaks.
  • He's taking power naps in the bathroom stalls.

Oh wait, that was what I did when I got burnt out in Walmart receiving.

I got lazy.

I got resistant to the work I had to do because I did not have time to rest and recharge.

Have you ever had a time where you were expected to continue doing something on little rest? Have you ever got burnt out? How efficient were you?

So how do we give our insulin a break? How do we rest our little energy stockers so they may get recharged?

How about lowering their work load? That’s a good start.


Look at these fancy high dollar words!

Where do I even start with this one? Carbo-Hydrate.

Well, it’s a compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen and it’s used by us for energy.

Carbo-Hydrate. Let’s call them Carbs.

Well, Harvard University claims our digestive system breaks these bad boys down into sugar, which then enters our blood.

Blood Sugar. The same thing insulin energizes our cells with…. The same overstock which turns into fat in our ever-expandable belly and butt stockrooms. (#lipogenesis if you want to learn more. #science)

What a second!

So, if the digestion of carbs increases our blood sugar...

And over exposure of blood sugar builds insulin resistance...

And insulin resistance leads to increased fat storage through lipogenesis…

Couldn’t you correlate carbs to increased fat storage?

Yes, I know it’s more nuanced than that. It’s a ton more complicated. There are a ton more variables.

But all other variables static. The same. Equal. It is compelling, the path one could take from eating carbs to increased fat storage.

It’s compelling enough to investigate further. Would you agree?

Doesn’t your body need energy?

Of course!

Like a store needs product to sell to stay in business. Your body needs energy to… also stay in business.

Thankfully, we have an awesome body which can do amazing things!

Protein can brake down into energy. Your body doesn’t like to do that.

Fats also can brake down into energy! Your body is okay with that.

Your body prefers carbs, then fats, and then finally proteins.

Let’s frame this another way.

It makes sense if you think about how we were many years ago, before agriculture was a thing. We’d eventually run out of carb things to eat. We would then use the remaining fat reserves while we looked and "hopefully" found more food.

In unlucky times, we’d run out of both carbs and reserve fats stores. Then, our body would turn toward protein. Run out of that and it was pretty much… game over.

Your body was designed not to go after your protein until everything else was gone. If you had no protein and a reserve of fat, your blobby self wouldn’t be unable to catch the rabbit…

Or saber tooth tiger…

Or whatever you may have been going after.

The thing is, your body has a built in backup strategy to when we run out of carbohydrates.

Fat Burning Man

Another interesting thing is…

Even though your body prefers carbs and they can be burned faster...

Fats burn longer.

Think of the difference between burning twigs and coal.

One burns fast and is out but that doesn’t keep the BBQ pit hot.

On the other hand, some good old coal bricks will burn hot for hours!

It’s the same with carbs and fat.

This Sounds Shady

I agree.

I was a harsh critic and doubter.

I’m still investigating this crazy claim.

But so far it’s working for me.

So far it’s making sense! 

And even if it didn’t I’m not going to starve. I could see if we were pre-agriculture. This would be an insane idea. Intentionally starving yourself of carbs to burn your fatty fuel reserve? What insanity would that be?!

But by all accounts, those guys didn’t struggle with obesity and diabetes.

And the grocery store is right down the road. And you don’t have to fight a saber tooth tiger over dinner.

So why not follow the rabbit hole a little more?

Give it a month

I’m on week 3.

Week 1 is weird. My body wasn’t used to running out of carbs. It’s a transition and I had a few bouts of carb fits staring at bread. It wasn’t pretty.

Week 2 is still kind of weird. My body was beginning to adapt to a brand-new process. I’ve fasted before but I never tried to deplete my glycogen stores.

Week 3 is surreal. I’m at the crossroads of I’m just not hungry and why am I not craving that donut anymore.

I also dropped about 8 pounds. That’s significant for someone who’s already lost 100 lbs. That’s significant for a harsh critic and doubter. It’s working. I’m fine.


Try it but have a support system. An accountability network. The first 2 weeks can be rough. Most bodies these days are not used to depleting their glycogen stores. First two week your body is trying to figure out what you’re trying to do to it.

But try it for a month. Commit to it. Find an honest coach to help you walk though it and be honest back to them.

If you’re looking for an honest coach or two. I know some. Hit me up.

I don’t have any prearranged dealing with them but I’ve seen their consistency.

And anyway, it’s a month. The time will pass anyway. Might as well investigate.

And if it doesn’t work.

Or if you have questions.

Reach out to me. Because I’m researching this like mad. Every new day I learn 3 new things.

Maybe I’ll have your answer. If now, I’ll know where to find it.

So what do you have to lose?

Oh yeah.


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Answers Behind the Answer

Recently a friend asked for a few weight loss pointers. Instead of the standard fare, I want to share what made it possible for me to follow the standard fare. An answer beneath the answer. I hope this help someone as much as it helped me.

Start recording what you are doing. Write down when you’re waking up and when you are going to sleep. Don’t judge what you write, just write and start becoming aware of it, and yourself.

After you get a feel of what you are doing , start recording what you eat. Record when you eat, and where you are, physically, emotionally, write whatever you can. Try to be a little more detailed then you think you need to be. Again, don’t judge. Even if it’s 3 donuts and 2 kolaches. It’s not a test, it’s an exercise is mindfulness.

As you continue recording what you are doing, you begin to  learn a little bit about yourself.  Go ahead and add what you do with your down time. Is it TV time, reading books, scrolling away hours on social media? Don’t judge the actions, they aren’t good not bad. They are just actions.

You are learning yourself. You need to have a basic understanding of yourself, to make a change in yourself.

After a few weeks of getting interested in yourself.  After a few weeks of writing, recording, and learning about yourself. Then, you will have measured a basic baseline of your habits.

One cannot manage what they cannot measure. Same is true , one can begin to manage what one has measured. Congratulations, you have been measuring yourself. Now let’s try on a few adjustments and discover the magic happen in front of our eyes.

Managing Measurements

Choose one small thing you discovered about yourself these past few weeks. Attempt to change that habit. Extra points if you shift it into a better habit.

I'm not saying to fix a bad habit. Don't try to become perfect in that area. Just shift it. Think about small adjustments, weekly. The Grand Canyon wasn’t carved by a single, intense droplet of water. It was many small droplets over time.

Likewise, one significant change likely will just produce disaster. Let's try the small steps daily to reach the big changes. Instead of jumping into foreign worlds of discomfort, let's nudge the edges of existing comfort.  Let's nudge them toward your eventual goal. We can always throttle it up more as we journey on. No need to slam the pedal to the metal at the starting line. Think marathon, not sprint.


Maybe instead of 2 hrs of TV a night, try 1 hr of TV every other night. Use the other hour to go for a walk, or catch an extra hour of sleep. Try it 3 days a week. Over the course of a month, you will notice a change.

Maybe instead of 2 servings, try 1 serving 3 times a week. You can also prepare more later, if you really are hungry. But are you hungry, or are you conditioned to eat? Do you know the difference? Eat half the food you think you need. Find out. Instead of rice, try a serving of broccoli. Instead of chicken, try some lentils. Get curious. Get interested. Don't go crazy, just try new take on a familiar meal once a week. You can always go back if it didn't work. You can always change something else. 

Maybe decide to unfollow a facebook feed of guilty pleasures. Sure, we all love animal videos, but getting lost in them for hours, who does this help? You? Instead, consider following an inspirational page. Follow a few people who took the path you want to go. Communicate with them, ask them questions. They might provide insight, and help you on your journey. Not so much the case with animal videos. Right?

The Good News

Come to term with where you are. It’s not where you want to be. The good news is... That’s a good thing!

In the Hobbit, it’s the path between the shire to the volcano which makes the story. Success isn’t linear and weight loss isn’t a straight line. You will have days where you will fall off the wagon. Forgive yourself in advance. You are human. Get back on the wagon. It’s waiting for you.

One last thing. Keep asking questions. Keep being interested. Keep exploring who you are. You only get one body on this crazy trip through space on this rock. Try to have fun in it. Sometime the junk food is the healthy option.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fun Free Facebook Event Weekend

May 19th to 21st

This weekend was a Fun Free Facebook Event Weekend.

I want to share with you my weekend in hopes you may find some Fun Free Facebook Events. They help me and my family be more active. I recommend checking them out on weekends not already booked.

May 19th – Houston Dynamo vs Galveston Harricanes

We batted the idea of going to see Guardians of the Galaxy II for a while but ended up doing this instead. I’m glad. First off, it was free. Second, there was a playground nearby. Third, it was a cool evening and we won’t get many more until winter.

I enjoyed watching from the sideline. It was so cool watching John imitating the various players from the sideline too.

One of the most interesting things was John rather wanted to watch to game than play on the playground. Such a peculiar boy but I think it’s good.

After a bit, a little league baseball game started over the way. John asked to watch America’s pastime instead. We walked straight past the playground on the way to the diamond, he didn’t even glance to the structure.

May 20th – Home Town Heroes Celebration

We started the day at El Franco Lee Park to drop off Colin at his Dad’s then headed here. I wasn’t sure what to expect. We found League City Police Department K9 division doing a K9 demonstration. These dogs are so cool and highly trained. I would not want to be a bad guy around them!

Near the end of it, John told me he was ready for the Firefighter Games. I guess I spilled the beans on that one so this was cut a little short, and it turns out that was for the best.

May 20th – 3rd Annual Firefighter Games of 6th street

We got to this even midway through it and boy was it cool. They had all typed of firefighter competitions. My favorite was water ball. Two competing teams use the fire hoses to blast a suspended buoy to the opposing goal. So good!

After a few matches and demonstrations, it was getting hot and the kids where tiring fast. They both crashed hard on the way back to the house. Cheers for a peaceful ride home. More cheers John went straight back to nap when he got home.

May 20th – Game Night

After a store run, Anne Marie loves to be the hostess with the moistest, we started setting up for Game Night. I had the grill fired up and food cooking while she prepped the inside.

The company came over, we chat and ate for a bit, but then it was time for the main event. Game Time.

Brian brought a game called 5 Minute Dungeon, it’s a hack and slash card game which impressed us all. We enjoyed it a ton!

After that, we considered Bureaunauts, a game created from some local friends . The thing was, it was too many rules and too late at night. I didn't have it in me to brush and instruct everyone on the rules so we turned to another game.

Oregon Trail. It was a great idea! Two cooperative games on game night was perfect. Can't wait for next time. We are planing to try out Betrayal at House on the Hill.

If you have any suggestions for cool, fun games for game night. please let me know. We're always excited to try new ones. Just leave your recommendations in the comment section and I'll get right back to you.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ve-to’d – My hesitant transition from Vegan to Keto

If you follow me on MyFitnessPal (Hamenopi), you may notice my macros changed.  Once around 60%, my carbohydrates dropped to 5%. That is a huge change, both nutritionally and mentally.

Anne Marie wants to try the keto diet. That’s the high fat, low carb one. It is a radical shift from what I was doing (and planned for) but I want to support her in it. I also don’t want to prepare 3 different meals each night; kids aren’t interested in either.

The first week was tough! I missed (and still do) all the vegetables but now in week 2, I’m learning how to integrate them back into my routine.

In fact, cabbage is now back on my meal plan in week 2 during lunch. I found it surprising how excited I was to eat cabbage Tuesday. Maybe it was because I just finished working out and was ravenous. Still, I choose cabbage over bacon. That’s saying something.

Anyway, week 1 I was struggling getting enough protein. Week 2, now I’m getting too much protein. I think I’m finally figuring out and getting used to the ratios.

The thing is, I like to create my own meal plans so I understand the components behind it. I also love to cook and I rarely follow recipes as written. I see it as an art beyond the science. It worked when I was primarily plant powered. I believe it’ll work fueled with fat. I’m also logging my dietary art, because if mistaken, it’s better to find out sooner than later.

So, what does all this mean to you? Well since I’m doing keto now, I’ll be posting less vegan food and more keto food. Meat is back in my diet. Sorry to my displeased vegan friends, I hope we can still keep healthy relationships. I'm implementing every plant powered thing I can into the confines of a keto definition.

Anyways, thank you for reading. If you have any keto related questions. Please comment or email me. I’d love to connect.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Keto Avocado Boats

Keto Avocado Boats

  • Prep: 5 min
  • Cook: 
  • Servings: 1


  • Avocado half, sliced and pitted
  • Diced Roasted Chicken (any protein will work)
  • Sautéed Spinach with diced garlic and onion
  • Crumbled Bacon
  • Optional: Crumbled or Shredded Cheese
  • Optional: Crumbled Pork Rinds
  • Optional: Mayo


  1. Use an ice cream scoop to hollow the pit more
  2. Dice and reserve scooped avocado
  3. Mix all other ingredients
  4. Scoop ingredients into hollowed pit
  5. Top with reserved diced avocado bits

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bad Day

So, you had a bad day?

The company brought in donuts this morning and you just couldn’t help yourself, right? You even had to get a kolache, didn’t you?

And then some bad news came in which deflated you. You just don’t want to work out so instead you grab a burger. A big, juicy mushroom swiss burger, no sides held. Just think of all those calories, carbs and mayo. Yeesh!

Then back at home after work and after you've gorged a handful of Swedish Fish, you find wife had a bad day too and wants to eat her misery, and you just know misery loves company. So, you go out for drinks and burgers. Alcoholic milkshakes, really?! You got to be kidding me!

And the burger. Huge with a Y! It was a monster of taste and calories.

So, that was my last Friday. I gained 8 pounds that day. At least that’s what the scale said the next day. One may think I'd of ate the rest of the swedish fish, right?

Not this time.

I dropped 7 of those same pounds over the next 2 days. I didn’t do anything special. I just accepted that was an exceptional day and I thanked God that’s not daily tradition. I could go over all the science as to why I went up and down but that’s beyond the scope of my points.

One day off your diet isn’t going to kill you. Progress isn’t linear. It’s like a dance. Sometimes you need a step back to break through a plateau, to leap over a gap. Hating yourself for it does no good.

What I’m saying is just hop back on the wagon. No shame, spit it out. The wagon starts back up daily, and it’s right there. You don’t even have to run to catch up to it. Just hop on and enjoy the ride. Cause it’ll take you amazing places.

You know what won’t take you to amazing places? Feeling sorry for yourself.

You got this. Get back on the wagon.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Pineapple Pico de Gallo

A friend asked me to share my recipe for my pineapple pico de gallo. So posting it here for future reference.

I make this for potlucks and so far, it's been a smashing hit each time. The tast is wonderful and the presentation is like no other.

Note: If preferred, you can grill pineapples and peppers beforehand for a different flavor profile. 
  • Prep: 20 min
  • Cook: 0 min
  • Servings: 20


  • 2 c pineapple
  • 2 c tomatoes
  • 1 c onions
  • ½ c serranos or jalapenos
  • ¼ c lime juice
  • 3-4 cloves garlic
  • ¾ c cilantro
  • ¼ Tsp salt


  1. Dice ingredients into small pieces, reserve pineapple shell
  2. Combine everything into a bowl
  3. Toss until thoroughly combined
  4. Transfer into hulled pineapple shell
  5. Garnish with pineapple top and chips

Friday, May 05, 2017

Shifting Focus

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ve noticed a theme. Do more with less.

Be more interested in what you do and do less uninteresting things.

During that time, I realized many things I do aren't interesting. Curious maybe, but they are distractions which take me away from more interesting things. Deeper things. I mean, even sand sparkles in the sun but it doesn’t have much of a return.

It’s a lot more rewarding to stay a course and get interested in deeper things at deeper levels. But to do that, you need to work on the basics. And the basics aren’t interesting.

What I’m saying is, to get to the dirt, one must dig through the sand. To find the rock, one must work through the dirt. To find the gold, one must work through the rock.

So, to get to the most rewarding things, you must be mindful of the basics which get you there. You need to get interested in them enough until you master them and get to the next level. And, sometimes the gold isn’t in the first rock you find so it’s good to get good in the basics, in the sand and dirt of life.

Of course, once you find the gold, you’re not retiring. Are you? You’ll need those basic skills to get you to the next chuck of gold, or better yet, your diamonds in life. So start learning to dig cause sure, sand looks shiny, but all it makes is glass.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Time to Say Goodbye to 200

This morning again I weighed in at 200. In the past, I’ve panicked and binged my way back up to 210 before I reminded myself of my goals.

It happens. I’m not proud of it but it’s a part of my story and maybe it should be told. Maybe there’s others who struggle with the same.

Do you find yourself at a scary point and subconsciously return to familiarity?

That’s what I’ve been doing. I’m comfortable at 210. I was 210 in the Army. I understand 210. My clothes fit at 210.

But 199. I haven’t been a healthy 199 since high school that I remember. Sure, there was that time I ate raw garlic in the morning and did Herbalife but I was also in an unhealthy place in my life. I don’t talk about or think about that place much but I’m sure I’ll need to resolve those issues at some time.

On an aside. I need to transfer my photobucket pictures over to google photos. Man, did photobucket go downhill. Ads everywhere. I mean, doesn’t anyone even click on banner ads anymore? I know if it’s too much, I just start avoiding the site all together. I get it, you want to profit from what you made but holy cow. I just had to click through 2 pages full of ads to reset my password. You think I’m coming back once I offload these old pics? … Well that turned into a rant. Hope I got some good pics in there. =)

I did.

Anyway, I’m going to try my best to stay under 200 now. Maybe I’ll shift to the 195 – 205 range if it’s too difficult.

The thing is, I have my anniversary coming up and we’re planning to go out and then go on a mini vacation. Which I’m pumped about, but I want to mitigate potential weight overload. Sure, this this it’s celebratory but when will I run out of excuses?

I figure next year, I’ll read this and laugh.

So, if you want to encourage me, I could use some this month. I also have 2 weigh ins. One this Friday, one next Friday. Man did this post get lost in the weeds.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Get To Stepping To Get Your Steps In

If you live near Houston and haven’t been to the zoo lately, take a trip down nostalgia lane and get a ticket. But also, bring some friends.

Anne Marie, John, and myself met up with other family and took the tour ourselves this past Saturday. I forgot how much I loved it. Of course, my 3-yr old loved it too. I imagine the experience would have been different had he not.

One thing I never noticed, maybe because before I didn’t have kids, was obstacle courses for kids in the zoo.  It was hard getting John away from them but eventually we did by promising to show him the bat cave. Okay, maybe it was a little bit deceitful advertising on my part.

Anyways, we visited the bat exhibit, which was in a cave themed build, dark, with several tunnels. John found one and disappeared. When I caught up, I found him king of the bat hill.

His next favorite exhibit was the African village with the drums. He and I jammed out for a bit on them, I even taught him a few rhythms… even though he has more rhythm than I do.

My favorite exhibit was the primates. If you’ve followed me, I’ve been doing a lot of animal movements.  I just got to say, those monkeys can leap! One jumped from a squat and soared at least 15 feet onto a swinging log, then again to the other side of the enclosure. I was impressed! I wonder if I can do that?

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Mini Pepper Pizzas

Sorry for falling off the blogging wagon but there's only so much I can do during the day and Facebook posts I kid but I ha. I've been hard at work with some projects at work and at home. However, that's no excuse to neglect you, right?

Today I want to talk about an appetizer I made, I hope you enjoy it. If you make it, do me a favor and post it on Instagram and tag me.

Mini Pepper Pizzas

I'm growing these peppers in the garden and my wife is trying a keto diet.

That means there is a ton of cheese and pepperoni in the refrigerator.

How people lose weight on keto diets still boggle me. I lost over 100 lbs. and can honestly tell you, I don’t have the discipline to stay under my calories on a fat based diet.

Still, while we’re experimenting with the keto diet, might as well make the most out of it with recipes!

Take a pepper or a ton of peppers. From the store or your garden. This one is my first pepper of the season. Let’s name him Bill.

Well, we wash Bill, then chop him and half to gut his insides. Okay, maybe naming the pepper was a bad idea.

Then we stuff the pepper with cheese. Any cheese works but if you want an Italian themed pizza, use mozzarella. I used a Mexican blend.

Then put stuff on top. Sliced mushrooms. More cheese. Bacon bits. I used pepperoni.

Start up your oven at about 300 to 350

Grease a pan and line them up.

Stick those bad boys in for 5 minutes and enjoy!