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October 1st

It's October! Today is the day! I am back on the Strict Keto train! Well, at least, I'm back to logging my food. Keeping myself accountable. All the events in September I used as an excuse. But that's okay. Cause the wagon waits. And I'm back on! Or so I thought.

Morning started well with my awesome sous chef John Phillip and I making Fatty Eggs. 

He loves his with a blend of shredded mexican cheese and grated parmesean (Which we pronounces Farma John Cheese). 
Here's the breakdown of Fatty Eggs.

After church, the kids voted on wings. It was also game day. Mistakes were made. Ha! Loaded Waffle fries apparently have a ton more carbs than I thought they did. 

Still, I took my shots and kept on fighting while watching the Houston Texans do things unholy to the Tennesse Titans while nomming down my buffalo lemon pepper wings. Excellent wings!

By the time we were done, we decided to discover... Discovery Green. And we took the long way to it. We first took the metro ra…

The Improper Diet

So many obsessed with a perfect, a proper diet. It's a nice concept. But we need to be able to handle an improper diet to some level. Of course, it needs to be introduces carefully and gradually. Don't just be strong in a strict diet. Let's see what happens when we aren't on the diet. You need to know off diet because you'll get off diet.
When will you go off diet? Today. Tomorrow. Next week. In a month. It's going to happen. Challenges are there all the time. I can meal prep and meal prep all my life, but if I'm somewhere where I can't meal prep. I'm going to fall off the wagon.
But if you've learned how to diet outside of the strict dogma. Outside of the meal prep, meal planning. Then you'll be okay. People miss this because they are obsessed with a perfect diet. A proper diet. There is no proper diet. There is just improper preperation.
Yes, learn the basics, develop foundations. Like if you are keto, learn your 20 g of carbohydrates. But once you…

Kinda Keto Meet Up - Pre Harvey Party

Our planned Kinda Keto Facebook Community get together 'MEAT UP' party was interrupted by Hurricane Harve... So we decided to shift it to Friday for those who could make it. It was a blast.
Dinner consisted of jalapeno poppers and a home made of scratch sausage mozzarella bake.  It was Amazing!
Sausage Mozzarella Bake

Ingredients1 onion1 bell pepperFresh mozzarella1 package of Italian sausage1/4th cup of oil20+ ounces tomato sauce
DirectionsCook sausage 8 minutes (4 minutes each side) in oil, then set aside,Cook sliced onions and peppers for 10-12 minutes,Assemble all in cast iron or baking dishPour enough tomato sauce to almost coverTop with sliced mozzarellaBake at 375f for 20 minutesBroil for 3-5 minutes on high

Taco Tuesday Keto Style

via Instagram

I decided to link up Instagram with Blogger for a while. We'll see how this works.

I get a lot of questions about what I eat.
I take a lot of pictures of what I eat.
Maybe I can recipe it out for interested parties.

Taco Tuesday Keto Style Taco Tuesday has been a staple in our family for years.
But how do you make a taco meal without beans, rice, and tortillas?
It's actually pretty easy.

Lettuce wraps I recommend romaine lettuce. Make sure you wash it first.
Green leaf and red leaf also work to a lesser extent. They just don't hold the way romain or even iceberg do.

Butter It also helps to add copious amounts of butter (or other fat) in the cooking process if you're keto.
Butter enhances the flavor and ups satiety.
When you add butter, you're full after 1 or 2 delicious keto tacos and not hungering for pesky rice and bean carbage.

Queso Frecso It also helps to add cheese. Pictured in this shot is fried queso frecso.

After frying up the ground beef, I …

A Day in the Life

Some you know along side low carb / keto, I also started dabbling in fasting. It's not something I recommend without doing due diligence.
Last night I stopped eating by 8 PM (for Game of Thrones). I finished a beer during it but it was a Michelb Ultra (does that even count?)
This morning I had a large cup of coffee with a single tablespoon of cocnut oil.
I've been refilling a 20 oz blender bottle a little more often than once an hour. With each fill, I add a pinch of lite-salt, a sodium potasium blend for electrolytes. In the past I also added stevia blend (or mio) for flavor.
Since 8 PM, I've had 120 Calories, I did a great workout for lunch. I'm kicking but at work with my project.
I have had a few discomforts in the stomach which in the past I'd mistake for hunger.
Later my stomach growled a few times. After about 15 minutes, it too passed.
I'm not down any weight from morning to lunch by a significant amount.
I'm hydrated. My workout was good. I'm …

Paneer Two Ways

I've been eating a lot of cheese on this keto diet.
And people have been asking me a lot of questions about keto at work.
We have a lot of people at work who eat Indian Food. Of course someone brought up saag paneer. It was in the stars!
Now, my wife and I love saag paneer. What's more,  it's the perfect keto recipe.
Just forget the bread (or naan) and you're in business!
So I found some local shops which carried paneer.
And made two meals
Saag Paneer
At the South Asian Grocery I went to, I picked up Miracle Marsala, Chile Paneer and a block of non creamy paneer. If you don't know which one, ask. It won't always be in English.
At home, I microwaved a bag of frozen spinach, then dropped in into a skillet, cooking it to reduce water.
While reducing, I greased another skillet and started to fry the paneer.
While frying the paneer, I added spice and cream to the spinach, tasting for flavor. It's flavorful!
Once the paneer was fried, I combined every…

Kinda Keto Fest July 2017

July we had a Kinda Keto get together. It was just an excuse to meet up, eat meat and cheese, and play games.
We also drank a few non keto beverages. That's why we're kinda.
It was a great day. Benny finally got to meet The Jets.

Anne Marie made this wonderful keto board (Ignore the pita chips).

Burgers grilled by me and offered with both bread and lettuce wrap options.

We even had a veggie tray with our two favorite veggies, sausage and cheese.

Once fed and the kids playing in the other room, we broke out with the games.
Cards Against Humanity is always a favorite

We even tried Betrayal at House on the Hill.

But we were being a little too social and not paying enough attention to give that game it's due.
So we switched to Hedbandz. Great time was had by all.

It even grabbed the attention of our youngest who demanded to bedelt in. I love the card he drew.

Ode to the Scramble Egg

We love eggs in our house.
Me, my wife, my kids. We are all fans.
So for breakfast, eggs get made. A lot.
One interesting thing I noticed. My kids, they are a ton more behaved, less wild, more ready to listen and respond when they have eggs. It's night and day compared to when they have cereal or sugury, carby breakfasts.
That in itself is a major win in my household.
Let's pay homage
Ode to the Scramble Egg

Scrambled eggs, ground meat, and feta
Scrambled eggs and spinach.

Cream your spinach for extra keto points.
Scrambled egg, ground meat, creamed spinach, and cheese crumble bowl.

Scramble eggs and leftover steak bowl.
Served with broccoli and olives.
Traditional scramble eggs and bacon breakfast.
Cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon with pimento cheese.
Because some days you're all about upping that fat content first thing in the morning.
Scrambled egg and ground taco meat on a low carb tortilla.
Because breakfast tacos can still be a thing now and then.
Scrambled eggs, raw spinach, pimento …

Status Update

Hey Guys,
Sorry about the radio silence. Work's been crazy. 
And it'll continue being crazy until at least the end of August. I'll try to post something at least weekly. 
The thing is, I haven't been journaling neither.
But weights been okay. Last I measured it was 184.8 lbs. I'll share more about that in a later post.
I hope to get back into journaling, and blogging. I also want to start interviewing friends, I want the practice. Been dreaming about doing a podcast like thing. Literally dreaming. We'll see if it's in the cards. 

If you're interested, let me know. You don't have to be keto, just real. Let's get like a shoe and converse.

Keto FAQ

Decided to make a post addressing frequently asked keto related questions. I'm not a doctor and am not giving out medical advice. I'm sharing with you what works for me and several other people I coach. As always, your mileage may vary.
How many calories should I eat on Keto? This is the wrong question and it will pull you into the trap of caloric restriction. This is not a diet of caloric restriction.
Instead, focus on staying around 20 g carbohydrates or lower a day, 1 g per 1 kg of your ideal bodyweight. Past that, consume fat to satiety.
For me this looks like this. 15 - 25 g carbs, 68 - 83 g protein, and the rest in fat.
Note: 68 g is my lean body weight in kg and 83 g is my current body weight in kg. As I lose more weight, my range will likely go down. There are also days I'm over 100 g. Do your best with what's given to you daily and press play again the next.
There are days I'm under on protein. There are days I'm over on carbs. It's okay. We do our best…

Morning Proof Coffee - Pre Keto

Several people asked me how I prepare my morning coffees.

It's difficult to answer. Depending on where I was in my diet, they were different. The way I drink my morning coffee now, I don't think I would of enjoyed in the beginning.

So instead of sharing one, I'm sharing all 3 versions.

Morning Proof Coffee - Pre Keto Ingredients 1 c cold brewed coffee1/2 c Unsweetened Almond Milk1 tbsp Stevia Blend Directions Combine everything into a glass and mix until blended.  NotesNone
Morning Proof Coffee - Keto Light Ingredients 1 c cold brewed coffee1/2 c Milk (2% or Vit D)1/2 tbsp Stevia Blend Directions Combine everything into a glass and mix until blended.  Notes The reason I reduce my Stevia Blend is because milk contains lactose, a sugar.  Morning Proof Coffee - Full Keto Ingredients 1 c cold brewed coffee2 tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream1/4 tbsp Stevia Blend1/4 tbsp Pink Himalayan Salt Directions Combine everything into a glass and mix until blended.  Notes Yes. I now add salt to my Coffee…

The Carbohydrates Strike Back

This weekend we celebrated my Grandmother’s 90th birthday
Brisket, Cake, and everything else sugary and starchy scattered the kitchen turned buffet line.
I stayed clear of the bread, the beans, and potato salad, easy.
I even added butter on my brisket. No bbq sauce!
Buttered brisket is amazing, by the way.
Added a good dose of bacon boiled green beans to the side. Put butter on them too. Delicious!

I tell you, I had some wild eyes and questions pointed at me. Several people even told me how unhealthy it was.
I just glanced down to my 115 lbs of missing weight and shrugged, saying. “Seems to be working for me.”
Then I slathered more butter on brisket and yummed it down in front of a few confused cousins. .
Later a few asked “So… How much weight you’ve lost again?”
A few of them started to question what they thought they knew about health.
I also had a few others educate me on how it’ll make me fat.
Ah, family. Gotta love them

Anyway, I ended up having the cake.
Pineapple, coconut,…

It's Not Binary

I tried Vegetarian, Vegan, and Paleo before Keto. All with decent results. I didn't lose all 113 lbs on Keto so my way may not be optimal for you but please try and tell me if it works for you too.
For the most part, I worked on the baby steps. Consider this.
A pathway up a mountain is intimidating but one step is easy. Enough steps however will get you up the mountain.
Once I stopped fixating on losing 50 pounds. My original goal was 250.
 And I started working on the things I could do today which would help, I flew past my goal and had to make a new one.
Biggest thing.
Diet isn't binary. Everything is a shade of health. If you are so religious about perfect macros, it's going to be a hard journey. We must focus on what is sustainable for us.
The great news is as we progress, we progress. We can find new sustainable things! What I'm doing now would never have worked when I was 300 or 250 lbs. We don't have to get it right, we just have to get it better, then keep revis…

Crazy Comparison

Last month I was doing an amazing job on keto.
I lowered my weekly average of carbohydrates from the first month. I raised fat up to where my protein level was and eventually surpassed it
It was a great time and I could tell it was working for me.
Little did I know what was going to happen in month 3.
Month 3
For month 3, I decided to trust fat more.
I did that by keeping carbohydrates around 20.Limiting protein to around 70g.And relying on fat to get me through the rest.
I soon realized I was going to need to supplement fat so I decided to do this with Bullet Proofing Coffee and Tea
In the beginning, it was a rocky start. I wasn't so sure I could pull this off. My first Bullet Proofing ended up a failure. I wrote about it here.
But I didn't give up
As a result, I now have two recipes Morning Proof CoffeeOffice Proof Coffee
I also have some interesting pictures to share. 
This is month 2

Notice the calorie restriction?
This is month 3

Note the uptick in calories? 
I'm consuming …