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Rockabilly Chili Mini Quiche (and 3 more Mini Quiche ideas)

After posting a picture of my Scrambled Egg Muffins (or Mini Quiches), my friend Brenda asked me for the recipe.
I listed what was on top of my head reflecting on what I did the night before, covering the basics.
EggsCheeseBaconRandom Spices...
Job well done...
Now everyone is a perpetual Gordon Ramsay now, right?
Think again Justin...

She asked me to clarify what random spices my random spices were.

The thing is...
It depends.  It's not an easy answer. I have tons.
So... I figure I'd list some of them here.

By The Way! Do you make Mini Quiche? How would you make yours? I'd love to know. Let's recipe swap.


Rockabilly Chili Mini Quiche

Spice Blend: Chili Powder Garlic Powder Cumin Oregano Paprika Onion Powder Thyme Salt
Ingredients: Egg Heavy Whipping Cream (or Whole Milk) Spice Blend Salt Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Shredded Jalapeno, Chopped Ground Beef Bacon
Directions: Preheat oven at 300F Grease muffin pan Line muffin pan with bacon Crack egg(s) into a bowl, ad…

Eggs 8 Ways

It's been a month since I've done a blog post. Sorry. Life has a habit of carrying us away, right?
Well, I guess it's time to climb back on the horse.  These blogs help keep me accountable to myself.
This blog I was feeling pretty Buzzfeedy. I decided to go with something easy and actionable. Breakfast eggs.
I've been cooking up eggs for about half a year now, pretty much daily.  I have a lot of pictures. A lot suck, but some are nice. I'm going to share some which pop out to me for various reasons. Enjoy!
Eggs 8 Ways
You can only cook eggs so many ways, right? Well, I still haven't found my limit. Here are 8 of my favorite ways (so far) the make eggs.
What are your favorite ways to make eggs?
In a low carb taco topped with avocado and salsa

In a bell pepper stuffed with salsa and cheese

Wrapped in bacon, stuffed with spinach and mushrooms, baked like muffins

With kalamata olives and feta cheese

With chorizo and jalapenos

With creamed spinach, peppers, and bac…

October 1st

It's October! Today is the day! I am back on the Strict Keto train! Well, at least, I'm back to logging my food. Keeping myself accountable. All the events in September I used as an excuse. But that's okay. Cause the wagon waits. And I'm back on! Or so I thought.

Morning started well with my awesome sous chef John Phillip and I making Fatty Eggs. 

He loves his with a blend of shredded mexican cheese and grated parmesean (Which we pronounces Farma John Cheese). 
Here's the breakdown of Fatty Eggs.

After church, the kids voted on wings. It was also game day. Mistakes were made. Ha! Loaded Waffle fries apparently have a ton more carbs than I thought they did. 

Still, I took my shots and kept on fighting while watching the Houston Texans do things unholy to the Tennesse Titans while nomming down my buffalo lemon pepper wings. Excellent wings!

By the time we were done, we decided to discover... Discovery Green. And we took the long way to it. We first took the metro ra…

The Improper Diet

So many obsessed with a perfect, a proper diet. It's a nice concept. But we need to be able to handle an improper diet to some level. Of course, it needs to be introduces carefully and gradually. Don't just be strong in a strict diet. Let's see what happens when we aren't on the diet. You need to know off diet because you'll get off diet.
When will you go off diet? Today. Tomorrow. Next week. In a month. It's going to happen. Challenges are there all the time. I can meal prep and meal prep all my life, but if I'm somewhere where I can't meal prep. I'm going to fall off the wagon.
But if you've learned how to diet outside of the strict dogma. Outside of the meal prep, meal planning. Then you'll be okay. People miss this because they are obsessed with a perfect diet. A proper diet. There is no proper diet. There is just improper preperation.
Yes, learn the basics, develop foundations. Like if you are keto, learn your 20 g of carbohydrates. But once you…

Kinda Keto Meet Up - Pre Harvey Party

Our planned Kinda Keto Facebook Community get together 'MEAT UP' party was interrupted by Hurricane Harve... So we decided to shift it to Friday for those who could make it. It was a blast.
Dinner consisted of jalapeno poppers and a home made of scratch sausage mozzarella bake.  It was Amazing!
Sausage Mozzarella Bake

Ingredients1 onion1 bell pepperFresh mozzarella1 package of Italian sausage1/4th cup of oil20+ ounces tomato sauce
DirectionsCook sausage 8 minutes (4 minutes each side) in oil, then set aside,Cook sliced onions and peppers for 10-12 minutes,Assemble all in cast iron or baking dishPour enough tomato sauce to almost coverTop with sliced mozzarellaBake at 375f for 20 minutesBroil for 3-5 minutes on high

Taco Tuesday Keto Style

via Instagram

I decided to link up Instagram with Blogger for a while. We'll see how this works.

I get a lot of questions about what I eat.
I take a lot of pictures of what I eat.
Maybe I can recipe it out for interested parties.

Taco Tuesday Keto Style Taco Tuesday has been a staple in our family for years.
But how do you make a taco meal without beans, rice, and tortillas?
It's actually pretty easy.

Lettuce wraps I recommend romaine lettuce. Make sure you wash it first.
Green leaf and red leaf also work to a lesser extent. They just don't hold the way romain or even iceberg do.

Butter It also helps to add copious amounts of butter (or other fat) in the cooking process if you're keto.
Butter enhances the flavor and ups satiety.
When you add butter, you're full after 1 or 2 delicious keto tacos and not hungering for pesky rice and bean carbage.

Queso Frecso It also helps to add cheese. Pictured in this shot is fried queso frecso.

After frying up the ground beef, I …

A Day in the Life

Some you know along side low carb / keto, I also started dabbling in fasting. It's not something I recommend without doing due diligence.
Last night I stopped eating by 8 PM (for Game of Thrones). I finished a beer during it but it was a Michelb Ultra (does that even count?)
This morning I had a large cup of coffee with a single tablespoon of cocnut oil.
I've been refilling a 20 oz blender bottle a little more often than once an hour. With each fill, I add a pinch of lite-salt, a sodium potasium blend for electrolytes. In the past I also added stevia blend (or mio) for flavor.
Since 8 PM, I've had 120 Calories, I did a great workout for lunch. I'm kicking but at work with my project.
I have had a few discomforts in the stomach which in the past I'd mistake for hunger.
Later my stomach growled a few times. After about 15 minutes, it too passed.
I'm not down any weight from morning to lunch by a significant amount.
I'm hydrated. My workout was good. I'm …

Paneer Two Ways

I've been eating a lot of cheese on this keto diet.
And people have been asking me a lot of questions about keto at work.
We have a lot of people at work who eat Indian Food. Of course someone brought up saag paneer. It was in the stars!
Now, my wife and I love saag paneer. What's more,  it's the perfect keto recipe.
Just forget the bread (or naan) and you're in business!
So I found some local shops which carried paneer.
And made two meals
Saag Paneer
At the South Asian Grocery I went to, I picked up Miracle Marsala, Chile Paneer and a block of non creamy paneer. If you don't know which one, ask. It won't always be in English.
At home, I microwaved a bag of frozen spinach, then dropped in into a skillet, cooking it to reduce water.
While reducing, I greased another skillet and started to fry the paneer.
While frying the paneer, I added spice and cream to the spinach, tasting for flavor. It's flavorful!
Once the paneer was fried, I combined every…

Kinda Keto Fest July 2017

July we had a Kinda Keto get together. It was just an excuse to meet up, eat meat and cheese, and play games.
We also drank a few non keto beverages. That's why we're kinda.
It was a great day. Benny finally got to meet The Jets.

Anne Marie made this wonderful keto board (Ignore the pita chips).

Burgers grilled by me and offered with both bread and lettuce wrap options.

We even had a veggie tray with our two favorite veggies, sausage and cheese.

Once fed and the kids playing in the other room, we broke out with the games.
Cards Against Humanity is always a favorite

We even tried Betrayal at House on the Hill.

But we were being a little too social and not paying enough attention to give that game it's due.
So we switched to Hedbandz. Great time was had by all.

It even grabbed the attention of our youngest who demanded to bedelt in. I love the card he drew.

Ode to the Scramble Egg

We love eggs in our house.
Me, my wife, my kids. We are all fans.
So for breakfast, eggs get made. A lot.
One interesting thing I noticed. My kids, they are a ton more behaved, less wild, more ready to listen and respond when they have eggs. It's night and day compared to when they have cereal or sugury, carby breakfasts.
That in itself is a major win in my household.
Let's pay homage
Ode to the Scramble Egg

Scrambled eggs, ground meat, and feta
Scrambled eggs and spinach.

Cream your spinach for extra keto points.
Scrambled egg, ground meat, creamed spinach, and cheese crumble bowl.

Scramble eggs and leftover steak bowl.
Served with broccoli and olives.
Traditional scramble eggs and bacon breakfast.
Cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon with pimento cheese.
Because some days you're all about upping that fat content first thing in the morning.
Scrambled egg and ground taco meat on a low carb tortilla.
Because breakfast tacos can still be a thing now and then.
Scrambled eggs, raw spinach, pimento …