Diary of a Food Addict Response

Spencer, I love you man!

I want to respond to your blog but it's going to be longer than a simple comment. I also believe this could help out a wide range of people so I'm turning it into a blog post.

I hope you get something from this but more so, I hope you do something with this.


I send Spencer weekly reminders to blog. why?

There's a method to my madness. It's to keep his goal at the forefront of his mind.

It's kind of like sailing.

In the beginning, you need to trim the sail a hundred times to catch the wind just right. But once you have momentum, the sail takes care of itself. If the wind changes or if you need to change course, you make some adjustments. Then you keep on sailing.

Spencer, you are the captain of your ship. I'm just being your first mate.


Overcoming death is crushing, my condolences. Anne Marie's brother and father both died 2 years ago and it took a long time to heal from it. One of our coping mechanisms was food.

We both grew in size, literally.

Be aware of it. People use food as an emotional pacifier all the time. Don't allow it to control you.


You are in charge. Don't beat yourself up. Learn! I can't tell you how many unhealthy foods are on the top shelf of our pantry. I had to learn that lesson many times over. I had to put my temptations out of sight and out of mind. If you catch yourself in the act. Stop yourself.

Tell yourself no, audibly if you must.

You are in control of your own mind. Take control.


... Is an event not a person. You just haven't obtained your goal.

Question: How long should you encourage a toddler to walk?

Until they walk!

What? Would you consider letting them give up after 3 months?


The same with your journey. You keep going at it UNTIL you are there.

Start Small

Work by the pound, not by the ton.

Small disciplines daily achieve the greatest goals.

Gain momentum by the inch, not the mile. That way you're not exhausted when it's time for the big leap to success.

If you miss your mark, adjust your sails and try again.

Be like the Sun, keep rising!

Action Steps

Watch this video and try it out.

All you need is an index card, a pen, and willpower. This has helped me out and I believe without a shadow of a doubt, it'll help you out too.

I also encourage you to start a Tome of Positive Affirmations. It's like a journal, but better. I'll go into detail on how I do mine next post.

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