Turning Heads

Losing 100 pounds turns a few heads.

It also raises quite a few questions like.. How?

I've always struggled with that answer. How..

I mean, I didn't go on a strict diet or start a dogmatic routine at a gym.

I just got tired of where I was and curious where I could go.

I figured the product in front of me was just the sum of my actions multiplied by time.

If I changed a few actions, replaced a few habits, over time my product would change.

The things is...

I didn't have time for the gym or exercise. I'm a husband and a father of 3 young kids who daily need help with homework, food, attention...

Still something had to change. I figured the best way to find time was to record how I used the time I had. After a week I realized how ineffective I was with the time I had.

With a few changes to my schedule, I found I had a lot more time than I thought. Not only was it less stressful, I also found I had more time to prepare better foods for my family. Those foods helped me lose 100 pounds.

Only, I don't know how to be compelling about journaling. Not yet.

But food...

It's been a passion of mine my whole life. I can talk about food. It's just now it's healthier food.

So that's what I'm going to start sharing. Recipes I make, as I make them. Photographed, streamed together in digital albums accompanied with instructions on how I made them.

There are many ways to make these recipes, if you're curious about alternatives, contact me. My recipes are ever alive and constant change as my nutritional requirements also change. Most recipes I make are vegan. I'm not dogmatic and I eat meat, but these meals are delicious and super effective. If they weren't I wouldn't share them.

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