Same Variables, Different Results

"Stop giving same variables expecting different results."

The third day of January, my birthday, I want to face my fear. My fear of how others will feel about my failings.

You see, I'm pretty insecure. Better than before, but I still struggle daily. I need to confront my fears. I need to stop running from this Dragon and finally face it down. I need to reveal the ugly lizard casting large shadows for what it really is!

I know my words aren't for everyone. They might not work for every person coming across them. But my words are not for those people. We are not all assembly line creations. There's no one size fits all.

My words are for who they work for. Distilling my message to satisfy imaginary critics diminishes the chances it will actually help someone. But hiding words in order to appease people who might not exist, I'm robbing the people who might actually need to hear them.

I know these words help people. I've seen it first hand. By restricting them, I restrict the life and love I can give to others.

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