Saturday Morning Adventures - Santa Fe Texas

Saturday Morning, Anne Marie wanted the kids out of the house so I decided to go on a mini road trip with them. Our first stop was to the Healthy Way Dairy Farm. A friend of mine mentioned you can get raw, unpasteurized milk from there. It peeked my interest.

This farm is in the middle of an unincorporated neighborhood in Santa Fe, Texas. By the time we reached it, I was questioning Google Map's authority and accuracy. Good News, in the end, I didn't find the wrong way, I found the Healthy Way Dairy Farm. Thanks navigation!

The place had quite a few cows, some ready for milking. Farmers where busy running tractors back in forth as the cows mooed and moved about. In the front of the farm, there was a small lot and a small red shack set up as a store. Inside, there are refrigerators full of gallon and half gallon jugs of milk.

Milk from a single cow source. The cows are even named! As an American used to getting milk from a store, that blows me away.

So does the price. $10 for a gallon of milk? What a sticker shock! But then I wonder how much lower quality the big box store milk is. How many corners do they cut to get their prices down to $2.something per gallon and still make a profit?

Makes you kind of say... HRMMM.

There's also free range eggs there for $7. You can contrast with a big box normal dozen for about $2 too. What corners do they have to cut?

Of course, the flip side of the thought was this farm is price gouging! The thing is, if so, no one would buy from them since there's plenty of alternative choices for a lot cheaper. This place would go out of business if they where unreasonable with pricing.

But, people are buying from them! This leads me to believe a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs may actually be worth $17. I wonder what other things we should be paying more for.

In the end, I didn't buy anything. After all, we just began our road trip. I'd hate for $10 milk to spoil! After watching the cows moo some more, I noticed the kids were getting antsy. I opened back up Google Maps and caught sight of a local park. That's a great reward for them indulging me this opportunity.

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