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Frodo's Fading Resolutions

Have you noticed the gym is a little less crowded already?

Only days into the new year and many well intention resolutions are already fading fast.

But is this even a surprise?

How foolish are we to believe a few days of willpower can override a deep ingrained habit?

Creatures Of Habit

We are creatures of habit. We strive to find levels and routines we can protect, a place where we can stay. Kind of like a Hobbit Hole.

The thing is, if change was easy, everyone would do it.

It's not easy. It's uncomfortable. It takes time and effort and you're most likely going to fall down and get a little dirty along the way.

What's more, without a map, you might as well be traveling through Mordor to get to your destination. You got to also be able to read the map.

Accountability Partner

That's why you need an accountability partner. Think of it as a Sam to your Frodo. Someone to help guide you along your adventure through weight-loss of whatever resolution you've decided to take on.

Someone to cheer you on when you're unsure. Someone to stick out a hand when you trying to get back up. Someone willing to get in the dirt with you while you go through the difficult transition of change.

Because change is painful. It's good to have a friend to ease it. It's good to have a partner who'll come with you on the journey.


Sometimes you need help from someone to remind you the process is worth it. Someone to help you up when you stumble and to help Shepard you back when you run towards your old habits.

Find someone who's made that hard transition so it won't be as hard for you. Maybe that person is me. I have a few spots left. Once full, I won't have any more opening until April. Can you afford the wait?

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