January Challenge : Your Own Character Sheet

If you're anything like me, you love a set of shiny dice. I tell you, I have so many sets, I could start a business! It was an addiction of mine for the longest time.

Another one was models. I have a ton of models, painted and plain, used and still packaged. They are all collecting dust between campaigns and sessions!

But even with all these shiny bells and whistles, the game doesn't get far without a pen & paper, right? Gadgets are nice, but the don't tell the story. A nicely painted models can't tell you his INT or how many hitpoints it has.

That's vital statistics!

Your Character Sheet

The have a log for our heroes for a reason. We need to keep track of where the hero is at.

But do you bother keeping a log for yourself? Keeping a log forces you to reflect on each day rather than trudging through life like a mindless zombie with no INT score.

A journal helps identify patterns, both good and bad, and enables you to course correct when you start charging full speed toward the edge of a cliff.


Let's establish a habit of journaling each day's progress.

Grab a notebook and record your food for the day. Add how you felt and factors which may contribute like working out, sleep, and social factors. Anything that may help. It doesn't have to be perfect day 1. You'l begin to learn what important to you and your goals as you go.

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