My Response to FitToFatToFit Episode 4 with Alex and Geoff

So I was watching Fit to Fat to Fat Ep 4 today and I got to admit. In the beginning I did not like the trainer. He embodied the stereotype of why I didn't get into fitness. Or that's the story I tell myself.

Alexander Delacruz is a weight loss dietitian from Los Angeles and man alive, he put me off immediately. I mean, I've seen 3 of the shows so far and I love the series but I was about to turn the TV off and go do something more productive with my life instead of listening to this jerk.

I'm thankful I didn't.

Alex really redeemed himself after the initial workout when he went over Geoff's blood work. This guy who I pretty much wrote off, instantly connected with me then. So did Geoff.


Because I was Geoff. I didn't think much of my health and I believed I could always do it tomorrow. Fast forward a decade and I got jelly donuts for hips and a gut that cuts line of sight to my toes. Tomorrow never came. It always stayed tomorrow.

And Because I was Alex. I have grown concerned about my health and I have made steps to reverse the process. And dammit, I won't allow my mother to bury me because I'm a dumb ass with my health. I won't allow my wife or my kids to deal with that. Hell No!

So I Watched

And as Alex's body began to harden, his heart began to soften and he became more and more relateable. As he grew, so did his sympathy and his passive love grew. You can the evolution.

So in the end, I want to thank you Alex for evoking some powerful emotions within me. For adding rocket fuel to my engine of motivation. I'm still fighting the gravity well of overweight, anxiety, and depression but I'm journeying to a new world of hope, fitness, and wonder.

The only thing that can stop me is me.

The Only Thing That Can Stop Me Is Me

And I wont let that happen.

I also want to thank Geoff for inspiring me and showing me that this goal is so achievable. I'm so proud of you for forging that path with Alex and so glad you pushed through to you amazing results.

Now it's my turn.

But it's your turn too. And it's always your turn. You just need to take it. Take you turn.

If you want some motivation, send me a message. I'm going to make it. Maybe

I've overcome an obstacle you're struggling with. Maybe I have the key to your greatest success. Don't be afraid to say hi!


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