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Juggling Better Balls, Churning Better Butter

In January I wrote about Doing Less to Do More.

I look back and wonder how I managed so many different hobbies and how little effort I put into each one of them. I was juggling!

The interesting thing I found out about jugging, nothing stays in your hand long enough to grow, change, or evolve you. Everything is always in the air. You don't have time to dedicate to the ball in your hand. Another ball, another hobby, another facebook group or post, another video game or youtube video is falling fast towards you.

And you just can't have the falling 'thing' drop. No no no! You can't have that, can you? I remember so many times I'd drop all my important things. I'd forsake critical things for one distracting ball descending, because it was shiny.

What shiny balls are you chasing? What hobbies are you so fixated on, you drop your other balls in your life?

Oh wow I went somewhere with that. That message was for me 10 years ago and I missed it for 9 of them. How many years are you willing to miss it?


Of course, my life also changed from last year, from 10 years ago. I'm not the person I used to be because I became a better person. Tell yourself now. You don't have to stay where you are. You are not stuck. You can drop those shiny distractions I'm representing as balls in this particular analogy. At least for a little while to get a grip on the balls you need to focus on and get them back to where they need to be. You can't juggle ten balls when you struggle with two.

But yeah, this year different. The situation has changed. The environment has changed. We live in a house twice as far from work, so there's a longer commute. Anne Marie works downtown Houston, so she can't get home until after 7:30 on a normal day. God forbid she's overworked which is almost daily and sometimes not even being able to see the kids goodnight.

In many ways, I feel even more spread thin than before! But the time I do have, that time, I've found how to make it more meaningful. What I'm saying is, while I still only have two hands to juggle, I found better balls.

While I still have little butter to spread and too much bread around me to spread it on. My butter is richer. My butter is creamier. My butter is healthier and more nutritious. And I'm picking up better bread. Someone needs to hear this.

It's not that you need less bread. There will never be less bread in life, not in this age. We have an plenty of bread showering us from the sky. We are drowning in content we consume continuously!

It's not about the bread. It's about your butter.

We all only have a limited amount of time on this Earth. I can tell you right now for a fact, you'll be dead a lot longer than you will be alive. So your butter. the thing you give your attention to matters,. What butter are you churning? What balls are you juggling?

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