Doing Less to Do More

“I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” - Tolkien

2015 was an amazing year for me. One riddled with both victory and defeat. One important thing I realized last year was wishing I had more butter isn't the answer. Choosing less bread was.

I began to choose less bread.

What's more, I chose to spread butter instead of wishing I had more butter for all my bread. I started to 'Ship It'

In 2016, I plan to continue 'Shipping It'. I'll continue spreading my butter to manageable amounts of bread. I'll stop worrying about the other slices and loaves until I have room for them.

Have I spread my Tolkien quote too thin?

That was me the first part of 2015. Stretched and scraped. Overworked and overwhelmed.


You see, we all have a limited amount of energy and a limited amount of time in the day to exert that energy. If we take on too many things, we spend all our energy switching between things. We spend not enough energy on the actual thing.

I had to made cuts. I had to turn my loaves into slices.

By focusing on less, I have more energy to devote on each item. I have more time to level up my skills.

That's the hard part.

What skills need worked and what skills need cutting?


One skill I need to work on is my personal health. Without my health I'm pretty ineffective at all other skills.

Another skill I need to work on is communicating. I'm still insecure about my communication skills. As a result, I've self sabotaged myself many times.

What's more, being insecure limits my ability to share my skills.

So 2016, I'm dedicating it to personal health and communication.

Do you have concerns about your personal health and communication skills? I'd love for you to join me. Let's be better together.

Let's level up and learn how to slay our dragons.

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