Chapter 5

Do you start reading a book at Chapter 5?

Chapter 5 may be where the hero wins but without Chapters 1-4, Chapter 5 loses context.

Chapters 1-4

The shining sword the hero used to slay the dragon. You know, the weapon he found in Chapter 4. That's the reward for overcoming his final obstacle. The one which enabled him to face the dragon in the first face.

The sturdy shield which saves his life during the epic battle. You know, the gift he received in Chapter 3. That's from saving another's life with the skills he learned in Chapter 2.

The tome the hero reads which exposed the dragon's greatest weakness. You know, the book he discovered in Chapter 2. That's from relentlessly scouring the streets, seeking until the right information was revealed.

The scared child afraid of the vile dragon. You know, the boy from Chapter 1.

That was the hero.

Chapter 5

You see chapter 5 is great. It the great victory. But Chapter 5 would have never happened without Chapters 1 - 4.

Why do you expect your journey to be different?

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