Caring Enough to Fail

Having 3 kids, a wife with long work hours, long commutes, and many other 'things' coming at me proved problematic for living a healthy lifestyle. Or so I thought in January 2016.

On the surface, there was no way I could fit an hour of 'gym time' at night. By the time Anne Marie got home, I was exhausted!

But Looking back, i realized I was giving up before I even started. Why not? I believed I would fail if I tried. I had no hope!

Of course, the person with no hope of succeeding isn't even going to try. But, the only sure way to fail is to not try.

I was making excuses. I was content enough with being discontent, I didn't 'care enough' to fail.

"Care enough to fail." - Seth Godin

I believed my work would be of poor quality because I had no time. But isn't poor quality better than nothing?

How long must we starve our goals in anticipation of the perfect solution? And what good is the perfect solution if it is never executed?

For we won't know the perfect solution until the solution was acted upon. Until it is said and done, do we really know what will work?

Stop starving goals

Instead, feed your goals with small somethings until you find significant success.

It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be something. Start with one worse habit turned into one better habit.

One increasingly optimized event after another as you progress along your journey to your goals.

2 is an optimization of 1, even when the eventual goal is 100. If you can't find your way from 1 to 2, how do you expect to go from 1 to 100?

Stop holding out for the perfect solution, and start solving. As you move, you'll learn better ways.

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