Upgrade Your AutoPilot

I'm noticing I'm getting a lot of health, nutrition, and exercise questions at work.

People are noticing how much my body, mind, and attitude is changing. They say it's like I'm a whole new person!

I am.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not the old me, not completely. I'm simply discarding things that don't work for me and found new things that are.

I am taking back control of my life.

Upgrading my AutoPilot

As I audit and adjust my habits (my autopilot), I now look to optimize them, not to find the path of least resistance.

Picture this:

The path of least resistance in an airplane in straight down. In most cases, that's not good. But even if you maintain a certain level, you're not always in the clear.

Winds, storms, other planes, mountains.... They can all throw a plane into disarray if you never audit nor optimize your autopilot.

The wind can blow you down and a storm can turn you around. Need I say what other planes and mountains could do if they occupied the same space as you?

You need to at least glance up once in a while and see if trouble is on the horizon.

Better yet, upgrade your autopilot (or habits).

Action Steps

Audit what you are doing and dispose of the things that are not working. Dispose of the things that keep leading you into mountains.

While you're at it, try some new habits. They just might help take you to places you never been before.


Next I'll be talking about what specifically I did to audit and upgrade my habits. If you're interested, become a DragonSlayer.

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