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Do you believe yourself a fat person?

I was talking with a Dragon Slayer and was compelled to ask the following question.

Do you believe yourself a fat person?

Now why would I ask that? Am I that big of a jerk? I hope not!

In reality, it was a probing question, and I was expecting the typical 'yes' as an answer. What I got was something quite a bit better.

I Love My Dragon Slayers!

But as we talked, the accumulation of the information I have been working on spilled forth like a dam's breach. My words poured out like water into a valley I was so moved. Luckily I was able to capture them.

The following is what I wrote with some minor edits, additions, and formats.

I ask this question because a person who believes them self fat, will be fat. likewise a person who believes them self depressed, will be depressed.

Your mind is powerful.

You must guard what goes in it.

Your Thoughts Dictate Your Emotions

Dwell on positive thoughts and you will become positive. You can't pour diesel in to an engine, rev it up excepting it to come out the other end as jet fuel.

The same way, you can't dwell on negativity and expect a positive outcome.

So be positive and affirm to yourself hourly you are a winner.

You are stronger than you think you are.

You are going to win. Because when you do that, your emotions are flooded with dopamines, you get a positive high that'll help you act upon those thoughts because...

Your Emotions Dictate Your Action

When was the last time you saw a depressed person working out? Seriously though!

Do you see sad people going out for a jog? No! They just stew in their own negativity!

Have you seen an angry person do something positive with his anger?

I can tell you that I'm far more likely to get info an argument with my wife when I'm feeling negative. Same with my children.

I'm not proud but it's true. The best way to fix it is to make it visible, identify it, and grow from it.

Still Water Breeds Poison

Anyone who's played Dwarf Fortress can tell you about stagnant water.

It's the same with your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

A negative person is toxic to them self.

So don't let negativity gain a foothold on you.

Identify your vulnerabilities to negative thinking and toxic thoughts. Shore up your defenses to combat it. You can't improve on the things you can't measure.

Also, don't go to bed angry or with bad thoughts. Guard your conscious and doubly your sub conscious. Command yourself content before you lay your head down. Affirm yourself asleep if you must. This will affect your health. Best to affect it positively.

This stuff even goes all back to biblical stuff. I don't care what your religion or lack of is. That bible is one hell of a self help book.

Sorry For The Info Dump

I just felt compelled to share this with you.

I gotta pay my successes forward. I hope you can this of use.

And I hope they can be used as jet fuel in your rocket ship of motivation on your journey toward success.

Love you brother and keep fighting the good fight, if you need anything at all, let me know.


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