Don't be a Sisyphus!


Motivation is great but it won't get you far if you don't make a plan. Motivation is like fuel but it needs direction for it to become worthwhile work.

Picture This

You are in a car, foot planted on the gas petal, tachometer closing in on the red line. But your car is in park.
How far do you go?

Make a Plan

Plan your direction. Make a specific and measurable goal. With this you can make your motivation work for you.

Of course along the way, it's good to check your progress.

Consider yourself captain of a ship. Your destination, a lighthouse on the horizon. You plot your initial course and make sail toward your goal. You make good headway and it looks like you'll have no trouble reaching your goal.

But then the wind kicks in. Maybe a storm passes or are rogue wave pushes you off course. If you maintain your original course, will you still reach the lighthouse? Perhaps you'll reach the a rocky cliff instead.

Set checkpoints along the way to measure yourself. If something isn't working, make adjustments.

Do you know how many times the autopilot on a plane makes an adjustment on a flight? Better yet, do you know how many times cruise control makes an change. Go for a ride and you'll notice.

Don't be a Sisyphus

Things happen. Obstacles occur. Detours appear. Don't be a Sisyphus rolling boulders up hills.

Take a break and and notice the rock in your way, then take a step to the side and find another route.

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