I'm talking a lot about progress lately.

I'm talking about how we need to forget about perfection because perfection is obtainable.

But progress... progress we all can do. We all can measure then work to improve upon that measure.

Perfection was something that always held me back. I always wanted the perfect route laid out before I even attempted to start. 
Can you relate?
But when do we ever have perfect conditions? When are the conditions perfect for anything spanning more than a step? 


Thanks to Chandler Stevens for the inspiration.

Picture this:

It's dark and you have a goal. You have somewhere you need to be. You have a car, it's running.  The headlights are on.

Do you wait for morning? Do you wait until dawn when you can see the entire path before you go?

What if when dawn breaks, a hill lies before you? What if the construction crew of life posted detour signs all over your idealistic path? Would you  wait until they built the on ramp to success for you? 

Because it won't be finished before you are.

Or will you go ahead and let the headlights illuminate the immediate path before you? Only by moving forward can your next step be revealed.

You don't have to wait for the perfect conditions to start.

In fact, you must not wait for them to start because they'll never show. There's only one condition you need to start, and that's being alive.

I want to share with you some of my progress this last year.

I think you'll find is illuminating. I hope it can inspire you to take your next step. even if your next step is your first.

March 2016

March 2017

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