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Bell Pepper Week

Some you know I'm working with Josiah Novak. I had the privilege to join his True 8 March Program. It's great!

It's full of high motivated, highly helpful people excited to pump each other up. It's hard not to grasp onto the energy there.

Also, Josiah keeps dropping knowledge bombs, recipes, and workouts. It's a great watering hole of inspiration!

Anyway, this week I decided to post to the group some of my dinners. I wanted to also share them with you.

We had a bunch of bell peppers in the refrigerator this week so I dubbed this week, Bell Pepper Week!


Taco Tuesday!

It's a tradition in the household.

My boys like meat and cheese, Emily usually it plain.

I'm usually making burritos of quinoa, black beans, and taco seasoned cauliflower. I'm a mad scientist in the kitchen. I love it.

Well, we had a ton of Bell Peppers, no quinoa, and I wasn't feeling the black beans and cauliflower.

So I decided to make Bell Pepper Nachos.

My first attempt was cutting the pepper into 3, dumping in the meat, topping with cheese, and nuking for 30 seconds.

Well, the pepper was still pretty trick and crunchy so it wasn't the best.

Later my wife and I cut another into 3, baked it, letting the pepper break down a bit, and then topped it with taco sauce. SOOOOO Good!

I loved it and am looking to growing some bell peppers and making it routine.


Pasta Wednesday

We have to pay homage to my wife's origins.

Also, I'm honorary Italian.

My maternal grandma was Italian.

My mom married into an Italian family.

I married into an Italian family.


The kids had pasta and I decided to do a repeat of yesterday.

I chopped the pepper in thirds, tossed them in olive oil, salt, and pepper, then spooned in the meat sauce and sprinkled mozzarella on top.

This time instead of nuking for 90 seconds, I roasted the whole thing. Took longer but was so worth it.

After I pulled them out, I sprinkled a bit of crushed red pepper on top and delic! Must Try!


Now Monday, we had the standard fare of roasted chicken with rice and green beans (I rotate veggies).

Well, we still had leftovers because my lunch was last weeks leftovers.

That's the curse of eating less. Sometime you cook way too much.


I pulled out the leftovers and heated them up.

I then sliced and diced the chicken and rolled it into tortillas to make tacos. Cheese on the chicken for the boys, and plain for Emily.

Then I served then up with rice and some tortilla chips on the side.

I offered green beans which, surprise, surprise, were refused. And let the go to town.

For me, I sawed off the top, nipped the bottoms for a flat surface, then stacked leftovers and cheese until I ran out of room.

Thinking about it, Stuffed Bell Peppers are great portion control. The bag of tortilla chips however... Yeah, I should had put them away. Whoops.


What do you think of my recipes? Are you going to try any?

Do you have any Bell Pepper recipes of your own?

Let me know.

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