Not Giving Away My Shot!

This morning I weighed in a full pound heavier than yesterday.

Flip the table!

Then the split second of anger subsided to a chuckle.

Yes, I still have a tendency to kick myself in the morning but I'm finding it's starting to be a healthy thing.

My trigger now triggers a healthier introspection of my previous day. Instead of condemning myself, I review the day and see if there's something I did wrong.  Yes, that took me a while to learn how to do.

In fact, there was.

Yesterday's Dinner

Yesterday I made chicken, rice, and green beans. Not too bad right?

I also toasted up some bolillo bread in the oven. Being health conscious, I divided each 6 in loaf into two, serving size friendly pieces.

Being smart, I abstained from getting the second piece during dinner.

Fast forward to clean up. There was the other half, next to a baking pan of chicken grease and roasted seasoning.

I tell you like a viper I struck.

I dropped that half of bread right down on the pan, cut side down. I knew exactly what I was doing. I knew I was being naughty.

I watched and salivated as the bread started to soak up all that flavor.

Then, I devoured the sopping bread and licked my fingers after.

See, I'm not perfect. I still have my vices.


You know, I could kick myself over it. But what good will that do?

Instead. I'm logging it down. Writing it to be transparent, to you, but more so, to myself.

Ever have an episode like that?

I still do, all the time. But I found food's not stronger than me. I also grow stronger each day. Yeah, it's work, but it's worth it. I'm learning to persevere and the identify my weak areas. Then I'm given the opportunities to try, try again.

That's the key. Not quitting.

When you find that dead end, when you find yourself blocked, it's about the pivot. It's about re-positioning, moving lateral until you find the next open hole. Sometimes, it's about moving back to get momentum to cross a chasm. Sometime you have to back up to make the leap.

Each set back is an opportunity to regroup.

Each down is the opportunity to huddle up and review your next play.

Every stumble is an opportunity to fall forward.

Every fall is an opportunity to rise up.
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