Be A Metagamer


"... [P]layers using meta knowledge to grant themselves an unfair advantage (such as a piece of info that the player heard but their character would not know, etc.) ..." - J. Lilley

This is a deadly sin of table top role playing. It's breaking the rules, using external factors to influence adventures. Metagaming destroys games, groups, even friendships!
So why the title?

Well just as your character could benefit from outside knowledge. So could you.
Wouldn't you like an unfair advantage in life?

But how do you metagame your life? 
How do you see your situations from outside yourself?

Try a time shift strategy.

Picture yourself one year from now, beyond your current struggles.
What do you look like a year from now, after overcoming your obstacles?

Picture yourself in the past, before you've overcome other obstacles.
You're still alive and stronger and more equipped from them, right?

Sure, some may of scarred you, physically or psychologically. Some have scared me in the past too.
I can't talk much on it but I do know if you're reading this, you're still here.

Try a Stunt Double?

Picture someone else in your position. How would your favorite hero resolve the matter?
If it's a healthy resolution, great! If not... pick another.

Asking 'What would Luckbringer Brightwater do' may open you up to a hidden highway.
This is called shifting your own perspective. It works!

Taking yourself out to the situation puts you in a place to critical think a solution.
Once you find a solution, you can try to apply it in your life.

Of course, maybe it doesn't work. But neither does doing nothing. 
And you can always try again...

Your Opinion

Are there any metagaming strategies you know that can help you on your journey in life? Let me know. Let's metagame life together!
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