Nirvana Fallacy

One issue I see with people wanting to lose weight is their unrealistic expectations. Come on people!

This is not the fantasy land of TV where you lose 100 lbs in 5 weeks!

Come on, they live in a gym, 6 hours a day and have chefs prepare their 100 calorie a day meals. The even have their own personal trainers who torture them daily!

Reality TV is not the same as reality. Biggest Loser is not reality. It's TV!

Get it together guys!

What they are doing is an inhumane science experiment for ratings! I'm surprised no one has died!

And have you heard most of them are worse off now then when they started! They rebound so hard! Why? Because torturing people is horrible incentive to change habits!

Did you forget the TV exists to capture your attention? If it didn't, you'd be doing something else. On purpose they compress time to keep thing interesting.

It's not reality!

It's simple. If you want lasting results, you need to develop a healthy relationship with the food you eat. Not have a professional cook borderline starve you for a couple months. You think those chefs go home with them? Ha!

If you want lasting results, you need to develop a healthy relationship with fitness. Not tortured for 6 hours a day and shamed every time you fail to lose 10 lbs in a week!

10 pounds a week. That's a 35 thousand caloric deficit a week! Are you kidding me?! How is that even legal? No wonder they need a full staff of medical personal!

You need to wake up and start paying attention because that food becomes a part of you. Those movements (or lack of) become a part of you.

Question. Would you pull up behind KFC to get your oil changed? Do you trust their food for your car? Do you think it'll actually run? Would it be efficient?

Would you buy a tire that doesn't like to rotate? Do you think you'll get good mileage? What do you think will happen the moment you need performance?

What are your thoughts? Let me know. 
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