My Weekend

I was surprised to see my weight this morning. I figured it to be a lot more than what it was. Then for a second, I was a little bummed. If I had done better, it would of been lower.  But I can't go back in time. I accepted the results and reminded myself I have similar temptations this Friday. Dual birthday parties with the in-laws. #twins

Let's take a step back and see how my weekend went before I dare consider the future. Those who don't review their pasts likely repeat it. I've been there. You?


Anyway, after a stressful week, I decided to take the kids to the park. We decided on Heritage Park in League City. Once we got there, it soon turned into a tag fest. That's great for me cause it's like cardio without the suck. Sorry cardio lovers... =)

After an hour there, we were all wiped and decided to head home but along the way, we came across a Panda Express.
"I want Panda Express!" Called Emily.
The boys cheered her on.
I submitted.

I ended up ordering the Bigger plate. Orange Chicken, Teriyaki chicken, and Broccoli beef with Chow Mein. Anyone who orders from Panda Express may know the bigger plate is not enough to feed 4 people. I didn't, but now I do.


Saturday morning I  finished off some pancake mix. I added chia and flax to the mix for fun. Needless to say, it wasn't a hit with the kids. Ha.
I tell you, the pancakes were quite filling though. 1 pancake satiated me until lunch. Impressive! 
That's great because we were hosting a get together for some friends that afternoon who live in the city. I wasn't even hungry buying out the store in preparation.  Grilled burgers, bacon, and dogs were on the menu, I even got a cheese try and a chocolate pudding cake. Not because I was hungry, because I was excited to see them. Neat thing is I only had 1 small slice of the cake (but went ham on the cheese). There was even  some beer and wine. Shiner Bock has a great Coffee Ale. I love it!
All and all, it was a good day. Sometimes the calories are worth it.


Sunday morning I ate 3 slices of bacon (my kids don't like think cut) and one over easy egg before church. Church was celebrating it's 5 yr anniversary with cookies and smoothies. I sampled, then gave the rest to my closest kid.
For lunch, I had 1 slice of pizza. My wife and I played Phase 10 and Skipbo while the kids ran around The Perfect Playdate. We were there for hours. I love that place!

I wasn't even hungry dinner time. Anne Maria heated up some pasta for the kids and I roasted up some squash. Most the squash ended up being my lunch today. I wasn't hungry, maybe it was the cheese.
When the time came to eat, instead of going through the motions, I accepted I could just prepare something later if I grew hungry. Never happened.  Felt fine all day. It was a great time. My wife agreed.

Looking Back

Looking back, I could of swore Saturday would had sent my back to 220. I can be so irrational.
Of course, if that's all you look at, it seems dire. But it's only a little bit of my weekend. The rest of it, I did exceptionally well. Not only did I have a great time Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I didn't gain a ton of weight. This weekend was a win.

In fact, looking back in my journal, I was 218 lbs this time last month. January was a decided weight gaining month and I just got off a 7 day cruise so no doubt some of it was water retention. Never the less, 9 lbs in a month is quite impressive after all the weight I've already lost.

Maybe I'm worrying too much. I already found I can stop dieting for 3 months and gain only 5 lbs. That blew my mind. I hear they're having crawfish anyway.   But still, the lighter I get, the easier it is to do cool stuff, like the L-sit. Speaking of which, have you seen my latest routine. It's Integral Strength by GMB Fitness. I recorded myself a few weeks ago. I need to record another one for comparison. Check it out. I think it'll amuse you.

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