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Boob Tube Zombie

An interesting part of accounting is you can build a nutritional play book. You also end up learning a lot about yourself.

One thing I found out is I'm far more likely to consume a ton of calories after 10 pm. 2 tons when watching TV with my wife at night.

Popcorn appears. Wine appears. Chocolate appears.
It's there. It's convenient. It's easy.
So it's consumed. Mindless. Without Account.

Destroyed Progress

I started tracking and accounting for it. You know, the whole accountability part. I woke to a glaring hole in my diet, a devious deficiency in my nutritional strategy.

I was a late night food druggie!

No matter how good I did during the day, when I watched TV after 10, without thought I'd destroy all my work!

Boob Tube Zombie

If you're anything like me, 4 hours vanishes every time I look at a TV. I'm not even saying Binge watching from time is bad but when it's the norm, that's the issue.

Last year, a decent sleep was the actual exception. I would watch shows all night while snacking and would get about 4 hours of sleep.

Guess what?! Next morning I was a boob tube zombie. Walking tired and groggy, I'd end up making more bad dietary decisions to stay awake. It's a vicious mindless cycle. Unsustainable.

Sounds familiar?


So now I go upstairs at 10 pm with a glass of water to read a book. It's been a great! That extra 1000 calories a night actually is easier to avoid on the other side of the house.

I also get more sleep this way. I'm usually happy with 30 minutes of reading and go to bed by 10:30. Now instead of 4 hours, I get 7-8.

I wake up refreshed and happy instead of tired and groggy. I'm also not dragging in the morning so I' m able to make better breakfast decisions. Win Win!


I found I burn about 100 calories an hour sleeping. While great, the kicker is not consuming the offsetting calories at all! It's dodging the temptations while burning the sleep engine! It's great!

Of course, usually once a week I will still watch TV at night. Those nights I still consume more calories then usual but it's now the exception. I'm also more aware of what's going on.

The process is less mindless and I can better control it. The goal isn't always to cut all the junk food in your life. The goal is to be healthy. Health isn't just the food you consume.

Health is also the time you enjoy with your friends, family, and loved ones.

One more thing

Another interesting part of accounting I discovered was how I cold save money by eating healthier food.

I'm going to dig deep into this topic in this week's newsletter. If you aren't subscribed. Now's a great time to join.

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