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Hacking Accountability to Combat Depression

Just like food, you consume thoughts.

Consider that for a minute.

Every second a hero's feast of thoughts lies before you. Some thoughts are your own while others are from those you know. Still others from origins not immediately obvious. They all sprinkle across the table before you, ready for consumption.

The question is... With which thoughts do you feed yourself?

Like food, not all thoughts are healthy. Some can even make you physically ill! Healthy and unhealthy, positive and negative, good and evil, life giving and toxic! Your tables is a smörgåsbord of different thoughts.

Which ones are you eating?

A Mental Harvest

Thoughts dictate emotions and emotions dictate actions.

When you consume a seed of thought, you bring it into your own body. Once within, you water and grow the seed into a plant of emotion. Eventually, those emotions bud flowers and bear forth the fruit of our actions.

I ask you, Does an orange tree grow apples and an apple tree grow oranges?


The seeds of you consume dictate the plants you grow which dictate the fruits you harvest.

This is not just a physical truth.

What Do I Do?

Become aware of what you consume! Open you eyes to your thoughts and know the seeds you plant. Record them so you may discern what is healthy from unhealthy.

Just like you record healthy meals, write down healthy thoughts about yourself. Likewise when recording a snickers, write down unhealthy thoughts about yourself.

For it is important to identify both. How much more difficult is the foe you cannot see? How do you know which plant to water and which weed to pluck?

How Can I Hack This?

As you record your thoughts, do not judge them. Accept them for what they are.


We all consume some effed up thoughts. You are not alone. Sometimes the dreaded deep fried twinkie of negative thoughts attack us when we least expect it. It happens to us all. This is how we learn how to keep that jerk from tripping you up and kicking you while your down.

On the same token, remember to record your positive thoughts too. Seek out persistently positive thoughts and welcome them like an old friend. Write them down and record them like a friendly letter to yourself.

The Tome of Positivity

Once you have a few positive thoughts, grab another notebook and transcribe them. Let's call this the Tome of Positivity. It's like a healthy living cookbook for the mind. Refer to it whenever you are mentally hungry for positivity.

Write other positive things like motivating quotes and simple small daily victories. Fill up this book with everything that uplifts you. Read it every time you thirst for spiritual water.

As time progresses, you'll notice your mental appetite will start to change. It is just like in weight loss, your physical appetite changes as you continue to grow healthier. I'm not saying you'll never been tempted with the mystery meat nuggets of negativity.

I'm saying it will be easier and easier weekly to drive by that drive thru line of self doubt.

You don't have to be a slave to those thoughts.

You don't have to consume them because you have built and grown your own garden of positivity thinking with fresh and healthy fruit just wanting to be delightfully devoured.

This changed my life!

We consume with our mouths 3-6 times a day but we consume with our minds 3-6 times a second! If I can lose 80 pounds in 1 year. How much mental and emotional baggage could I lose in 1 month?

Enough to weep in joy. Enough to cry in thanksgiving. Enough to slay some of my scariest dragons I ever imagined.

Because that's what most of them were, Imagined Dragons.

And the dragons I ran from for over a decade? They turned out to be nothing but ugly lizards casting long shadows.

So could be yours.

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