I advocate accountability groups and parters. In fact, I have a few of both.

But the biggest game changer for me has been developing personal accountability.

Before you run for the hills, let me break it down so you.

Accountability is not punishment

Accountability does not mean eating a snickers, feeling regret, then running to the gym for 3 hours of HIIT.

It does not mean eating a reeses, hate crying yourself into the fetal position, then promising to fast the next three days.

That's called punishing yourself!


HIIT and Fasting have their place in health and nutrition but it shouldn't be punishment.

Just like Snicker's and Reese's have places and it shouldn't be shame.

That's driving down resentment road with your emotional brake lines cut.

These stories don't have happy endings!

Note: HIIT and fasting is not necessary for weight loss. Neither are Snickers and Reeses. I'm using hyperboles to compare and contrast.

Accountability is accounting for something

Accountability can't exist without a proper accounting practice

No accounting = no accountability.

How would you feel if your bank only accounted for some of you money? I'd find a new bank.

I'd find one with a proper accounting practice. An accountable bank.

What about your nutrition?

Next time a snickers bar assaults your mouth, instead of being stricken with remorse. Write it down in a food journal.

Then write the other things you eat too. That's a proper nutritional accounting practice.

Instead of negatively reacting with emotion, positively respond with logic.

Then at the end of the week when you review your caloric budget, you better see how you reached your destination.

Not Easy

I completely understand. I'm not 100% on mine at all time neither. But logging your food will make it a ton easier to lose weight.

Remember, you are not logging your food to shame you, you're logging your food to understand what you're putting into your body. Once you understand and have a baseline, you can start make changing and realistically start expecting different results. Not immediate, but imminent.

I recently wrote a few articles which go into more detail. I invite you to check them out down below.

While you are there, don't forget to join the How to Slay Dragons Community where I go into greater detail and show my exact steps on how to lose over 80 pounds in a year.

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