How I Saved Money Eating Organic

Last week, I shared how by using simple accountability principles, I was able to identify certain key problem areas in my weight loss journey.

By identifying them, I was able to increase my weight loss an extra pound a week. That is insane! What's more, I also was able to enjoy better brain food via books and get more well needed sleep.

1 stone, 3 birds.

Another thing I noted was how I was just throwing away food. Leftovers accumulated in my fridge, tossed week's end for a fresh supply.

Houston! We got a problem here!

I'm here hemorrhaging food and money while complaining about the price of organic produce! It not something I could just bandage.

Some were just small portions but others could be re-purposed into new meals with ingenuity.

Come on! There has to be a better way!

Luckily I was building my nutritional play book and found a few. I want to share them with you.

Food Hacks

Every week I was discarding Italian style ground beef to make room for Mexican style ground turkey. It was an endless cycle of needless refuse going on and on.

Realizing this fact, one day I asked myself an interesting question. Why couldn't I just salt, pepper, and garlic one bunch of one meat? Then toss that same meat in Taco or Pasta sauce the day of the meal for added flavor.

Worth a shot, right?

Well the food came out great, the food was devoured. The kids asked for more. The wife complimented my cooking. I knew then, I had something in the works. Let's see how far I could take it.

Lettuce Hack

Every other week, we would also waste an entire head of lettuce. Come on! No judging. We've all done it, right?

Now my hack for iceberg lettuce is removing the outer layers Monday Night for Taco Tuesday lettuce wrap tortilla alternatives before chopping the rest into Monday Night salad.

Stir Fry Hack

Mondays are also typically chicken, broccoli, and rice night. Don't hate the stereotypical healthy dinner!

Another hack is re-purposing Monday's leftovers for Friday's Asian inspired chicken stir fry. It's pretty much the same meal done different.

I mean, sometimes I need to cook up some extra rice, noodles, or veggies but the chicken is already prepared. Chop it up, add stir fry sauce and olive oil, and fry.


Because I began to reuse leftovers and re-purpose meals, my food costs for a family of 5 dropped. The result? I was able to transition to an organic dominant diet.

This is a case study of one so I don't know if this is typical but it's at least worth investigating. Try it out.

To You

How much money could you save by eating healthier? In the end, for me, quite a bit. That's another huge victory I discovered.

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