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The Most Helpful Thing

Recently Tom Ziglar asked me these amazing questions:

What has been the most helpful thing on your journey to keep you moving forward? What do you do daily, even when you may not feel like it?

Wow! Right?

They aren't easy to answer, that's for sure.

But I did and I feel others could gain value from my answer so I'm posting it here.

My Response

That is a really good question Tom!

Also it's a pleasure to get an email from you! Blown away!

I sat on this question and let my mind take me on the journey.

After a while the answer became so crystal clear you could make a telescope out of it.

Then I realized it's one of those secrets everyone knows but no one does.

It was logging my thoughts and actions. Note taking. Personal accountability.

Once I realized it, my memory jumped to your dad's lesson on how note takers were so much more likely to close than those who didn't. It made sense!

I mean it's really hard to improve on something you don't track.

Before I started to take notes, I got lucky every now and then but...

  • Not 80 pounds in under a year lucky.
  • Not recovering from 10 years chronic depression lucky.
  • Not recovering from 20 years of resentment lucky.

That took figuring out what worked and what did not. That took note taking. Logging. Journaling.

That also took listening to myself and writing down truth and discarding false evidence appearing real.

That took me reading my truths daily until they conquered my anxieties.

That took me watering my seeds of positivity and plucking the toxic weeds of negative thinking with a tome of positive affirmations.

And that took the Holy Spirit giving me the power to break down strongholds in my heart.

I'm really glad I wrote my experiences down because now I'm helping so many other people with them

It is amazing seeing how I can positively influence other peoples lives.

A lot of it is thanks to you, your dad, and so many other people for risking to positively influence the world.

To make art. Beautiful, life changing art.

In the words of Seth Godin, making a ruckus. Helping others to help others.

Take Away

So many people want to lose weight, to get fit, to lose weight, to fight anxiety.

Yet they don't even log their journey down.

If there is one thing you do in your journey that will help all other journeys, it's record the journey.

By recording it you aren't burdened with remembering everything all the time. It's written down.

You don't have to think about what you had last week. It's written down.

You know what helped you lose that 10 pounds. It's written down.

You know what helped you gain 5 pounds back. It's written down.

Now you know what works for you and what doesn't. Milk it and win.

Start logging your victory.

If you hit a plateau, tweak your routine and record it.

Tweak it once a week until you find the key. Milk the new strategy and win more.

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