Your Turn

Picture this:

Your infant child, one hand on the wall, pulling himself up to try to walk.
He's up, vertical, stumbling awkward. His hand, on the wall for support, turning toward you for his big show.
Wobbling, he steps forward. One step, then, two.
Then as gravity's pull latches on to him, he stumbles half a step more, then falls prone to the ground.

What parent would curse this child for falling? What parent would call him stupid, claim they were a defect from the wrong side of the gene pool? Only two and a half steps? For Shame!

On the other side, who would hoot and cheer? Clap and sing the child's praises? Lift him up and high with a hundred kisses?

Then why do we call our selfs stupid when we stumble and fall on the second and a half step? Why do we blame out genes and curse out abilities trying something new? Figuring out something we haven't mastered yet?

The magic is in that we made it to two. The magic is we can crawl right back over to that wall. Lift our selfs up. And go again for 3. The magic is that we may get one the next time. We may fall before we get out first step. But that wall it there, ready to lift us up again for one more go.

Because you always have one more go. 

It's your turn. 

It's always you turn.

Take it.

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