I Survived Keto

In the beginning, it was a hard sell for me. I was plant powered and wasn’t interesting in switching over to a low carb high fat diet. That’s so silly! Why would any rational person do that?

But after prodding from my lovely wife, I ceded. With tepidation, I tip toed toward the diet, giving it a dubious due diligence along the way. I was going to prove keto was just a fad diet.

There’s a lot of hype and misinformation around it. But I dug deeper, I began to find it is a ton more nuanced than what fit on an infographic. It’s profound! The science behind it blows my mind. Why has this not been around longer?

First 2

To be honest, the first 2 weeks were hard for me. I believed this wouldn’t work. Everything I knew told me this wouldn’t work. But it wasn’t good enough for me to know it. I needed to prove it, so I gave it a fair shake.

First 2 weeks were hard. I wanted the carbs. They called to me. I dreamed in them. Each whiff of bread intoxicated my senses.

But by week 3, that toxic addictive temptation subsided.

Still. Fat couldn’t fill be up. Fat would go straight to my gut! My conditioning of over 35 years bore down on me. The mindset was hard to break even with the science and personal evidence in front of me.

By week 5, I said screw it. This farce needed to be over and done with. But I also began believing in it. I was still struggling. Wrestling with this new notion, this new reality. So week 5 and 6 I redoubled my efforts to disprove this diet.

I was diligent.

I failed.

Week 7

I get it now. It’s still a sense of surreal disbelief but I get it.  I understand how it works and how to use it like a wonderful tool in my Batman utility belt of nutrition.

My next challenge is trusting myself to eat carbs.

It’s scary. Everything I know tells me that this will make me blow back up to 300 lbs.

But also, Everything I knew told me I needed to eat more carbs.

Not like I can’t reduce calories later down the road if it doesn’t work out.

Hi, I’m Justin and I’m my own science experiment.

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