A Note from Last Year

A Note from Last Year.

Today I started Fit2Fat2Fit Dietbet, weighing in at 240 pounds . I just weighed myself before going to bed, 244 and a half pounds.
Now instead of losing 9.6 pounds in 4 weeks, I need to lose 14.1.
I'm not giving up but that's all types of discouraging...

Does this sound familiar? Every time you start, you fall backward.

You're not alone.

The thing is... If that's when you give up, you lose.

Instead, get up and try again.

What's the point you may ask?

Only you know 'What the point' is. Only you can know your 'Why'.

What I'm saying is 'Don't give up on your why'.

Giving up is easy but that won't make life easy.

What Happened?

By the way, I lost that 14.1 pounds and even more.

Then, my long term goal was 220.

I eventually had to make another goal of 200.

I'm now at 190.

That's 50 pounds! And I'm still losing fat... And gaining a ton of muscle!

Interested in doing the same?

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