Shifting Focus

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ve noticed a theme. Do more with less.

Be more interested in what you do and do less uninteresting things.

During that time, I realized many things I do aren't interesting. Curious maybe, but they are distractions which take me away from more interesting things. Deeper things. I mean, even sand sparkles in the sun but it doesn’t have much of a return.

It’s a lot more rewarding to stay a course and get interested in deeper things at deeper levels. But to do that, you need to work on the basics. And the basics aren’t interesting.

What I’m saying is, to get to the dirt, one must dig through the sand. To find the rock, one must work through the dirt. To find the gold, one must work through the rock.

So, to get to the most rewarding things, you must be mindful of the basics which get you there. You need to get interested in them enough until you master them and get to the next level. And, sometimes the gold isn’t in the first rock you find so it’s good to get good in the basics, in the sand and dirt of life.

Of course, once you find the gold, you’re not retiring. Are you? You’ll need those basic skills to get you to the next chuck of gold, or better yet, your diamonds in life. So start learning to dig cause sure, sand looks shiny, but all it makes is glass.
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