Integral Strength

You may know, I recently purchased Elements from GMB.

Actually, let me back up a little...

Back Story

For a year I followed GMB consuming their free content (exercises, podcasts).

During that, I was also following the Stronglifts 5x5 routine at the gym. It's a good routine but it wasn't for me. I never was an exercise type of person and my form, or lack of form showed it. I was lucky I didn't get hurt.

After struggling, I turned back to GMB and reevaluated their beginner program, Elements.

Their free content is great. They give $75 worth of information for free each month. But purchasing a program, that was scary.

What it the expense wasn't worth it? What if it didn't work for me?

After a bit of self motivation, I finally bit the bullet and purchased Elements.


There is a cascading waterfall of information in it, a ton more than what I prepared for. It overwhelmed me with the treasure of knowledge they provided. So much I had to do week 1 twice!

To be honest, my first week 1, I rolled up to the gym cocksure not even knowing my routine. That was a mistake. I spend most the time there leaning the movements and the regressions. About the time I understood the beginner variation of the first movement, I was almost out of time. The thing is, Ryan isn't long winded. I was just that dumb!

About the time week 1 was over, I was finally ready to start week 1. Luckily you can go at your own pace. It's not a race, and you don't get a prize for finishing early.

Also, spend more time than you think you need on the beginner variants. You can always redo the routine and step up the moves. More than once I attempting advanced variations when I still struggled with beginner. Learn from my mistakes, don't rush the process.

Come to think of it, I still have that problem in Integral Strength.

Integral Strength

Speaking of which, I recently purchased Integral Strength from GMB Fitness.

Elements was so good, I decided to kick it up a notch. The amount I progressed was nothing short of amazing. They lead me through a thoughtful program rich with information and technique. With the training and wisdom, I know have a ton more confidence to the point where I look for things to 'do cool stuff' on. To me, that's awesome.

I'm super excited to do the same with Integral Strength and plan on using the routine a few times. When I concentrate on mastering regressions the advanced movements will look Instagram Good. What? don't judge!

Note to Self

These program are not a race. You can always do it more than once. You can take time to master the basics. By mastering them, you will have the building blocks to do many amazing things. This is not a 1 step process.

Just like losing weight was not a 1 step process. Going from over 300 lbs to 200 lbs was not 1 step. I went from 300+ to 300, then I went from 300 to 290. Then, over time I progressed with weight loss, I learned how to maintain a weight around 210 pounds.


Anyway, I wanted to share a time lapse of week 2 day 1 with you. It's not pretty but it's me. It'll look cool . Just you wait.

Also, thank you so much for reading this. I know there's a ton of other things screaming for your attention. I appreciate taking some out for me. I want to continue providing content worthy of your time, it's valuable.

Would you mind sharing your favorite article I've posted? It'll help me learn what you enjoy more and help me provide you more of it. I'd love you give you you more great content. Thanks.

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