Pokemon Going

You might not know Pokemon stop locations originate from Ingress Portals. Since I played Ingress, I knew where the local stops were most cluttered for efficient play. So today at lunch, I had a quick bite and headed over to one so called location. It's name, Fullerton Park.

Fullerton Park was alive with people walking the perimeter! Every so often, the people in turn would look down at their phone, swipe a few times, then keep walking.

Young people, old people, healthy people, and no so healthy people; they all were there. I saw at least 10 people, more than I've ever seen during the heat of the day before.

What more, they were all waving and nodding to each other. From time to time, they'd stop for a quick chat before continuing. I talked to three of them for a bit, walking with them around the lap for some time.

We talked about locations they've been and strategies they used. We talked about teams they're on and other interests we shared. I had a great time and the least of this was actually playing the game. I got to meet some interesting people.

My Thoughts

I think this application has great potential to be a community organizing game. In fact, I see several Pokemon Go community walks and pub crawls already on Facebook Events.

This game is bringing new people together. It won't surprise me to hear about Pokemon GO being were a couple met in the future. Imagine this game mentioned during wedding vows!

All in all, I think this game is great. Not because you are catching Pokemon, but because you might catch a new friend or two in the process. They're not just jobless kids.

There are lawyers and doctors circling those trails too trying to catch them all. How could this not be an excellent marketing tool?

I'm going to try to hit a park once a week and see who all I can meet. I think it would be great networking tool. What do you think?

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