Paneer Two Ways

I've been eating a lot of cheese on this keto diet.

And people have been asking me a lot of questions about keto at work.

We have a lot of people at work who eat Indian Food. Of course someone brought up saag paneer. It was in the stars!

Now, my wife and I love saag paneer. What's more,  it's the perfect keto recipe.

  • Cheam
  • Cheese
  • Spinach
  • Spice

Just forget the bread (or naan) and you're in business!

So I found some local shops which carried paneer.

And made two meals

Saag Paneer

At the South Asian Grocery I went to, I picked up Miracle Marsala, Chile Paneer and a block of non creamy paneer. If you don't know which one, ask. It won't always be in English.

At home, I microwaved a bag of frozen spinach, then dropped in into a skillet, cooking it to reduce water.

While reducing, I greased another skillet and started to fry the paneer.

While frying the paneer, I added spice and cream to the spinach, tasting for flavor. It's flavorful!

Once the paneer was fried, I combined everything, grease and all, and mixed it together.

After reducing down the mix a little more, I added even more spice and it was good to go.

Oh my god was that a meal!

Cauliflower Paneer

The thing was with the saag paneer was, I had half a block left.

I also had a bag of frozen cauliflower. This will also work with brocli and likely be even more photogenic.

I fist microwaved the cauliflower.

Once microwaved, I dumped the cauliflower into a skillet with melted butter. then I proceeded to saute it in a butter bath with Indian spices.

While the cauliflower was sauteing, I started to fry up the remaining paneer.

After the paneer was ready, I combined everything in one skillet and added spice to taste. It was tasty.

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