Ode to the Scramble Egg

We love eggs in our house.

Me, my wife, my kids. We are all fans.

So for breakfast, eggs get made. A lot.

One interesting thing I noticed. My kids, they are a ton more behaved, less wild, more ready to listen and respond when they have eggs. It's night and day compared to when they have cereal or sugury, carby breakfasts.

That in itself is a major win in my household.

Let's pay homage

Ode to the Scramble Egg

Scrambled eggs, ground meat, and feta

Scrambled eggs and spinach.

Cream your spinach for extra keto points.

Scrambled egg, ground meat, creamed spinach, and cheese crumble bowl.

Scramble eggs and leftover steak bowl.

Served with broccoli and olives.

Traditional scramble eggs and bacon breakfast.

Cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon with pimento cheese.

Because some days you're all about upping that fat content first thing in the morning.

Scrambled egg and ground taco meat on a low carb tortilla.

Because breakfast tacos can still be a thing now and then.

Scrambled eggs, raw spinach, pimento cheese, and beef liver.

Because liver is nutrient dense and tastes pretty good with the other 3.

They also aren't too bad with olives and berries.

Scramble egg and bacon with sauerkraut.

Because Colin loves sauerkraut.

Scrambled eggs and olive with blue cheese bites.

Because sometimes you want an uppercut of flavor in the morning.

Over to You

What's your favorite scrambled egg recipe? I'd love to try it. 

Till next time.

Talk soon!
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