Stopping on the Sixth

I catch myself slipping into a lax state. I am conflicted about this.

For one, I deserve a break now and them. Even God broke up creation into 6 days. He even called the day good and stopped. He even rested the 7th day.

I don't think God took that time because he needed the break. Instead I think he gave us a model on how to do things. To chunks tasks and rest between. To take a break every so often.

But how much rest is too much rest? What's the balance to work to rest ratio.

I think it's in the same place. 1 day of work and 6 days of rest doesn't bear fruit, it grows weeds. But 24 consecutive days of work doesn't really bear you more fruit faster.

I know I've dedicated a ton of time on certain subject and became upset when the fruit of my labor doesn't produce in my preferred time line. There's been many times I've walked away from the field which will inevitably bear fruit seemingly minutes before first bloom.

Had I the patience and perseverance to endure one more day, I would have been able to rest and enjoy the fruit of my labor. But instead I walked away on my 6th day. Stopped on my 6th lap around around the wall of my personal Jericho. I gave up right before I had it, then allowed the weeds to once again overtake my field.

How many times have you?

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